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French Revolution Playtest #2


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I'll post the more interesting results of the 2nd playtest here, but the game is going to be played through the messenger. 

Here are the historical notables for each player, although who knows who will be notable in the game:


  • reign of terror leader Robespierre
  • populist editor Jean-Paul Marat
  • Brissotin leader Brissot
  • Liberal member of the royal family Philippe Egalite


  • famous foreign policy minister Talleyrand
  • famous orator Mirabeau
  • Napoleon's chief-of-staff, and likely the greatest in history, Berthier
  • Populist leader Babeuf
  • Former finance minister Brienne
  • namesake of the guillotin, Guillotin
  • famous chemist Lavoisier

@Arkansas Progressive

  • liberal leader Desmoulins
  • the first prominent reformist in the timeline, Sieyes
  • leader of the Tennis Court Oath events, Bailly
  • famous mathematician, Monge
  • famous playwright, Beaumarchais
  • famous mathematician and physicist, Legrange
  • famous socialite, de Stael (also daughter of Necker)


  • finance minister and prime minister Necker
  • The Marquis de Lafayette
  • Rochambeau, who led the French troops during the American Rev
  • Thomas Paine
  • Citizen Genet, who would attempt to rouse Americans to force Washington to aid the French
  • Ancestor of the American Du Ponts of Delaware, Pierre du Pont
  • Mathematician and physicist, Leplace
  • Womens rights activist de Gouges
  • Archibishop of Paris Leclerc
  • Napoleon's future wife, Josephine de Beauharnais
  • Pornographic author and aristocrat Marquis de Sade, the namesake of sadism and sado-masochist

There's other notables, but these people probably have the highest name recognition. More people, such as Napoleon, will be drafted as the game progresses. 

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January 1789 Events

The Kingdom of France is in a perilous economic and social situation. For the most part, the nobility and clergy are alright, but about 90% of France have been struggling to eat or survive, especially in the cities. On top of this, France is in so much debt that it is difficult to improve their situation. Calls for reform are escalating, while support for the ancien regime is declining, especially in Paris. The King is inundated by requests to call the Estates-General, which has not met in over a century. [note: The game will eventually have a more in-depth opening narrative. I just don't have time to type one out right now.]

  • The Marquis de Lafayette publishes "What is the Third Estate?" pushing for reform in which commoners are the paramount voice over the clergy and nobility. [This earns him 50 prestige pts. Historically Sieyes wrote this publication, but it randomly fell to Lafayette in this game.]
  • King Louis XVI is given the option to call the Estates-General. Failing to do so would have been risky. As Louis historically did, he is calling out the Estates-General. Elections will be held in March. 

Up next: I need to award prestige points for current offices held. Following that, you'll be able to begin actions. 

@Bushwa777 @Lars @Willthescout7 @Arkansas Progressive

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Here's the score before we event begin the actions:

CPU Royalists 2,400 pts

@Bushwa777 700 pts 

@Willthescout7 100 pts

@Arkansas Progressive 0 pts

@Lars 0 pts


Time for January actions. Each faction gets 10 actions. Lars and ArkProg can only make FactionActions at this point, while Bushwa and WilltheScout have either minister actions or army actions, depending on the offices held. They also get faction actions too. 

Send me your 10 action moves in a private message to me. 

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The key January events are that:

  • Lafayette published the What is the 3rd Estate?
  • King Louis calls the Estate (elections for March)
  • Philippe Egalite, a blood royal but also a populist liberal, leads a mob to overrun Les Invalides to take guns and ammo from the French military. 
  • Necker fails to improve the economy during the month. 

February 1789

  • No scripted events. I may add some in the future. I had thought I had some but didn't.
  • Support for the Ancien Regime has slightly grown in the last month, potentially restricting strong reform when the Estates-General meets. 
  • Reformist factions are clearly going after each other in hopes of leading that reform. 

Time for new actions. Make sure you have no one doing the same action in the same location as another person in your faction. Make sure when boosting faction support or making a political club that you target other faction members, rather than the ancien regime. The latter can only be targeted when boosting reformist or if a faction action states that it impacts ancien regime. This month is really important because faction support this month will determine how many people you can elect to the Estates General in March. No rush on sending your actions. I always have a lot to do now. Private message me the actions as usual. 

@Lars @Bushwa777 @Willthescout7 @Arkansas Progressive

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