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Favorable or Unfavorable #533: John Lewis


Favorable or Unfavorable #533: John Lewis  

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John Lewis (GA-D) is probably best known to history as one of MLK Jr's top lieutenants and the youngest among the major organizers. He didn't enter politics until after 20 years of major civil rights service, which he carried on as a member of the US House.

He often deviated from the establishment, so he gets a lot of actions as most outliers do.

Some clarifications for his actions. In 1988, the bill fails because Southern Democrats were still a thing but by 2003 you have a relatively more racially tolerant body, and the bill finally passes. In 2008, Lewis upset some by backing Clinton over Obama for the longest time, but the Clinton's--for some reason--were strongly connected with black leaders. This initial endorsement confused and angered some blacks that thought he should back a black candidate. Lewis switches to Obama about in Feb 2008, which was a decisive moment. It's possible that the Lewis endorsement was the 2nd crucial endorsement after the Ted Kennedy endorsement. 

The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is currently being floated around by legislators. It's goal is to prevent local or state unfair voting procedures that restrict or disproportionately affect minority voters. States would have to submit their election changes for federal review to ensure it abides by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

His actions:

Lewis, John 1963 A major organizer in the Civil Rights March on Washington w/ MLK Jr
Lewis, John 1965 Led Civil Rights march across Pettus Bridge, resulting in attack on activists known as "Bloody Sunday"
Lewis, John 1987 Major civil rights leader enters US House
Lewis, John 1988 Introduces a bill to create a national African-American museum, but the bill fails
Lewis, John 1991 Opposes Gulf War
Lewis, John 1993 Opposes NAFTA
Lewis, John 1996 Major opponent welfare reform bill
Lewis, John 2000 Opposes US-China trade agreement
Lewis, John 2001 Boycotts Bush inauguration b/c he believes Gore really won FL, thus the election
Lewis, John 2003 Successfully sees his old national African-American museum bill become law
Lewis, John 2003? One of the earliest to suggest impeaching Bush over misleading US into Iraq War and over wiretapping w/o warrants
Lewis, John 2004 Joins those calling for OH EVs to not be counted in 2004 result due to alleged voting irregularities
Lewis, John 2008 Initially backs Hillary Clinton for pres, but makes a crucial switch to Obama during primaries
Lewis, John 2009 Arrested for protesting genocide in Darfur
Lewis, John 2016 Backs Clinton, criticizing Bernie Sanders for not being active enough in the civil rights movement
Lewis, John 2016 Leads legislative sit-in for gun control
Lewis, John 2016 Compares Donald Trump to former segregationist demagogue George Wallace
Lewis, John 2017 States that Trump is not a legitimate president because of Russian interference; boycotts Trump's inauguration
Lewis, John 2017 Takes a lead role pushing for bipartisan criminal justice reform
Lewis, John 2020 Role in convincing Biden to pick a woman of color as VP (Lewis dies before the convention)
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