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Favorable or Unfavorable #537: John Lindsay


Favorable or Unfavorable #537: John Lindsay  

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John Lindsay of NY is best known as one of the worst NYC mayor, mainly due to lacking the kind of temperament for the job. He was said to be impatient, not very good at dealing with the bureaucracy, and being somewhat disorganized. He lost the support of the NYC police. 

Not captured in the actions is that he failed in a bid for the US Sen in 1980 but he came in 3rd in the primaries as a Democrat. 

Despite failings, his 1963 and first 1968 actions are admirable. Like RFK, he met with constituents in the aftermath of MLK's assassination and was able to reduce anger through oratory. Other cities saw riots. 

His actions:

Lindsay, John 1963 GOPer introduces civil rights bill before JFK/LBJ's
Lindsay, John 1965 Notable liberal GOP Rep leaves US House by winning election for NYC Mayor
Lindsay, John 1968 Credited w/ averting violence in aftermath of MLK Jr's assasssination while as mayor of NYC
Lindsay, John 1968 Considered for VP by Nixon but too strongly opposed by Southern conservatives
Lindsay, John 1969 incumbent mayor of NYC def in GOP primary by a conservative; runs as Liberal Party nominee in general and wins reelection
Lindsay, John 1970 Criticized for inability to contain riots & violence during anti-war protests; loses support of NYC police
Lindsay, John 1971 Liberal GOPer switches to Democrat
Lindsay, John 1972 Dem pres cand
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