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Favorable or Unfavorable #539: Robert R Livingston


Favorable or Unfavorable #539: Robert R Livingston  

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Robert R Livingston (NY-JR) is probably most famous for swearing in Washington during the 1st inaguration because the ChJ office didn't exist yet. Livingston had been the top judicial officer (with the title Chancellor) in NY for something like 20 years. He is also known for co-negotiating the LA Purchase. 

Livingston, George Clinton, and Aaron Burr battled for control over NY Jeffersonians, but Livingston was kind in a tough position. Livingston was the top judicial person in the state and of a NY dynasty, unlike Clinton and Burr, but most dynasty members (potential allies) were Federalists. While Livingston had long been in power, Clinton had been in power as long (or longer) and was also Governor during that entire time. Clinton had more power. Burr's power was in NYC, the population center, and he was more charismatic, more attractive to those seeking change and something new, and better represented the future of the state. He was also probably more determined. These men battled the three Federalist leaders in the state: Hamilton, Jay, and Rufus King. 

Ultimately, Livingston's defeat by Jefferson kind of knocked him out of competition. The rise and fall of Burr a few years later left Clinton as paramount for NY JRs. 

Prior to 1788, Livingston was among the Founder Fathers. These actions are not included. 

His actions:

Livingston, Robert R 1789 Administers oath of office to Washington as no Chief Justice existed
Livingston, Robert R 1790? Caught in three-way rivalry for control of NY Jeffersonians w/ G Clinton and Burr
Livingston, Robert R 1798 loses high-profile Gov of NY election vs Federalist John Jay
Livingston, Robert R 1801 Appt Amb to France by Jefferson
Livingston, Robert R 1803 Co-negotiated and signer of LA Purchase


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