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Hello everyone! Sorry for my recent longer-than-expected absence, it took a while longer than I expected to get everything sorted out. To make up for it (and because I’ve been inspired by my most recent playthrough, lol) I figured I’d run a New Vegas roleplay! I have a rough idea as far as the rules are concerned (read below!) but I am open to suggestion as to how to make them more conducive to a fun game. Each turn will last an in-game week, and players can commit five actions a turn. Write ups will be ‘Storybook’ like my previous Star Wars, and Batman roleplays were (If you’re new here, go check those out, I think they’re pretty good)

As for the lore, the basic premise is that when Benny shoots the courier in the head in Goodsprings, it actually takes and the courier dies unlike in canon. This in turn means it’s up to the individual factions to tough it out in order to win control of the region rather than relying on the player character to solve their problems for them. Everything is as it is when you first start the game, for example that means that Ringo is still holed up in old gas station and the Powder Gangers are gearing up to assault the town.


Here’s rundown of each aspect of the faction template, consider it a guide too if you want to suggest a faction I haven’t listed here)


Name: (The name of your faction)

Leader: (The faction leader, who may provide certain bonuses or maluses)

Base: (The faction’s main base of operations, it’s ‘capitol’ if you will. If a faction loses it’s base it’ll get a serious negative status effect but can still play so long as it has another outpost. When a faction loses it’s last outpost it’s destroyed, it’s survivors forced to scatter into the wind or face the sword of their opponents.)

Outposts: (Outposts are the towns, forts, and other areas controlled by factions which are not the faction’s main base of operations. Actions are launched out of outposts. Let’s say you’re the NCR, and you want to send an expedition. You’ll need to launch that action out of Camp McCarran since it’s you only eligible outpost in the region at game start)

Agents: (Agents are notable faction members who can be assigned to actions, instead of a generic rank-and-file faction member. Agents have unique traits that can make them uniquely suited to certain types of actions, such as by lowering the threshold for success or giving advantage on rolls. Additionally, a faction can recruit one new agent a turn. In order to recruit an agent, the faction has to be an eligible recruiter – for example Boone will never join the Legion even if they roll a 100/100 – and they have to roll above the agent’s threshold.)

Situations: (Certain factions may experience unique bonuses or maluses from situations arising within their borders. Action can be taken to erase a negative situation from your faction, improve a positive one, create a new positive one, or destroy an opposing faction’s positive situation. Situations marked with an asterisk (*) are lingering situations, meaning that I’ll roll a D100 at the end of each turn to determine how/if it changes as time marches on. Additionally I’ll also do ‘universal’ lingering rolls for every faction to represent their economy, production, morale, etc.)

Goals: (Goals are what a faction is trying to achieve. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are necessary to achieve control of the region and win the game. Unmarked goals aren’t necessary to victory, but do provide a bonus for completion, thereby making it easier for you to complete certain tasks.)


Major Factions (Factions that can reasonably seek to control New Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and the wider region)

Name: New California Republic – Mojave Expeditionary Forces

Leader: Gen. Chase Oliver

Base: Hoover Dam


    • Camp McCarren

    • Helios One 

    • Camp Golf, 

    • Bitter Springs Refugee Camp, 

    • Sloan

    • Boulder City

    • 188 Trading Post

    • Aerotech Office Park

    • Camp Forlorn Hope, 

    • Mojave Outpost, 

    • Ranger Station Alpha, RS Bravo, RS Charlie, RS Delta, RS Echo, RS Foxtrot



Name: Col. Cassandra Moore

Location: Hoover Damn

Perk: Kill The Bastards (+15 attack)


Name: Chief Hanlan

Location: Camp Golf

Perk: Demoralized War Hero (+15 to Ranger actions, unless it’s intelligence gathering in which case -15)


Name: Col James Hsu

Location: Camp McCarran

Perk: Calm Under Fire (+15 to actions directly addressing situations)


Name: Major Dhatri

Location: Camp McCarran

Perk: Bounty Manager (+15 to attempts to hire outside help)


Name: Col. Elizabeth Kieran

Location: Freeside

Perk: Comforter of the Hungry (+15 to humanitarian actions)


Name: Lt. Gorobets

Location: Camp McCarran

Perk: 1st Recon (+15 to attack and defense)


Name: Lt. Carrie Boyd

Location: Camp McCarran

Perk: Military Police (+15 to maintaining discipline within the ranks)


Name: Ambassador Dennis Crocker

Location: New Vegas

Perk: Chief Diplomat (+15 to diplomatic actions)


Name: Captain Gilles

Location: Bitter Springs

Perk: Soft Hearted Humanitarian (+15 to humanitarian actions)



    • Trouble with Fiends – The Fiends have been harassing soldiers and caravans near Camp McCarren which is hurting our trade and sapping our strength. They’re based out of Vault 3 but are spread throughout the region. We’ve identified a few key leaders, but haven’t been able to actually take them out. (-15 to operations within the affected area)

    • Missing Supplies* – Someone’s been overbuying guns and ammunition using NCR money, but those guns aren’t being delivered to where they’re supposed to be. It’s likely that Camp McCarren has a firearm black market though who’s behind it we don’t know. If those weapons end up in the hands of the enemy it’s the equivalent to us shooting ourselves in the foot. (-15 defense to Camp McCarren)

    • Soldiers Demoralized – The current hardship is having an intense negative effect on the mood of our soldiers. This in turn reduces their fighting ability, which in turn constrains our ability to put out the numerous fire all across the region. (-15 soldier attack and defense)

    • Helios One Project Stalled* – Our Helios One Energy Production project has reached a bottleneck. Project Leader Fantastic assures us a breakthrough is coming though… (Will not be able to utilize Helios One solar array until resolved)

    • Overstretched Lines – Our troops are spread thin, and can hardly cope with their current responsibilities let alone take on any new ones. We’ll need to either hire out mercenaries or find ways to reduce the strain on our forces. (Cannot redeploy agents or soldiers between outposts)

    • Camp Golf Misfits – The Camp Golf garrison is made up of soldiers unfit for front line service, constraining our ability to act in the region. (Cannot use Camp Golf as a staging area for martial actions, except for Ranger actions or drilling.)

    • Rangers Lead the Way – The NCR’s special forces are the best of the best when it comes to military competency. Every soldier dreams of being chosen for the Rangers, only the best are chosen. Specializing in long, difficult deployments in rough terrain or behind enemy lines, Rangers are small in number but able to have a great impact on the course of a fight.  (+15 to actions in which Rangers are utilized, though due to limited numbers they can only be used twice a turn)

    • Information Leaks – There’s a Legion spy in Camp McCarren giving away our troop movements to Fiends and the Legion. We don’t know who it is, but we’ve got our best men looking into it. (-15 against Fiends, -15 against Legion)

    • Prisoner Revolt – The NCRCF has been taken over by prisoners calling themselves ‘Powder Gangers’ who have taken to terrorizing the surrounding settlements. We have a platoon stationed outside Primm, but they’ve been unable to contain the violence so far. (-15 to actions taking place in the central-western section of the region)

    • Bitter Springs Overwhelmed* – Bitter Springs Refugee Camp is in a bad state. They don’t have enough medicine to treat the sick, enough food to feed the hungry, or enough soldiers to keep order in the camp. Someone in the mountain’s has even started stealing supplies and killing refugees. If the situation isn’t addressed soon, it could very well lead to a humanitarian disaster. (Bitter Springs needs help soon or else you could very well be faced with a humanitarian crisis. Don’t expect it to be easy)

    • Valuable POW* – Some good news, we’ve been able to capture a Caesar’s Legion centurion. The bad news? He’s not talking. Lt. Carre Boyd is complaining that our dedication to human rights is constraining her ability to interrogate the prisoner, but are we willing to cross that line just for some information? (Lt. Boyd will continue plugging away, attempting to find some way to crack the prisoner while respecting our ideals, though there may be a way for us to help her.)

    • Crimson Caravan Support – The Crimson Caravan has a defacto monopoly on trade in the Mojave, proving to be a windfall of tax revenue for the NCR – and in turn a good source of revenue for our army. These gains are hampered by the current danger infesting the trade routes, but it still exists. (+15 to attempts to trading with merchants within territory)

    • Possession of the Hoover Damn – We hold the Hoover Damn. Our chief engineer even got four of the turbines working. This gives us a massive advantage over the other factions in terms of our electricity infrastructure. But it’s still not enough… (+15 to energy generation and utilization efforts)

    • Trouble in Freeside – Our cititzens who have decided to immigrate to Vegas and the surrounding communities have been faced with resistance from the local community. Chief among these opponents is the street gang known as ‘The Kings’. We’ve sent an envoy to their leader ‘The King’ but so far we haven’t heard back... (-15 to actions in Freeside)



    • Hold Hoover Damn*

    • Control The Strip*

    • All Other Major Factions are Defeated*

    • Helios One Project is Successful

    • Northern Trade Route Cleared

    • Camp McCarran spy is exposed

    •  Hoover Damn power output is increased

    • The Khans are Exterminated

    • NCR Squatters’ Safety is Guaranteed


Name: Caesar’s Legion

Leader: Caesar

Base: The Fort

Outposts: Nelson, Cottonwood Cove, Legion Safehouse, Techatticup Mine, Legion Raid Camp


Name: Legate Lanius

Location: Arizona

Perk: Sword of the East (+15 to martial rolls, +25 to Eastern Front lingering rolls unless recalled West)


Name: Lucius

Location: The Fort

Perk: Commander of the Praetorian Guard (-15 to assassination attempts so long as this character and Caeser occupy the same locatio


Name: Vulpes Inculta

Location: Nipton

Perk: Leader of the Frumentari (+15 to sabotage, cannot be intercepted while redeploying through enemy territory)


Name: Picus

Location: Camp McCarran

Perk: Deep Cover (+15 to avoiding detection)


Name: Karl

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Perk: Among Savages (+15 to diplomacy attempts with tribes)


Name: Aurelius of Pheonix

Location: Cottonwood Cove 

Perk: Crucifier of the NCR (+15 attack against the NCR)


Name: Alexus

Location: Techatticup Mine

Perk: Jailer (+15 to slave taking attempts)


Name: Dead Sea

Location: Nelson

Perk: Thirst for Bloodshed (+15 aggressive maneuvers, -15 to defense)


Name: Antony

Location: The Fort

Perk: Houndmaster (+15 to dog warfare)



    • Eastern Front* – The Mojave is not the only region that the Legion is interested in. We also have a large portion of our soldier committed to taming the east. Legate Lanius is currently leading the efforts on that front and though it is going very well it is preventing us from committing fully to the Mojave front or using the Legate’s considerable skills to our advantage. We can either wait for the Legate to pacify the region himself – possibly with additional assistance from us in order to quicken the occupation – or end the operation early which in turn would enable us to move on the Hoover Damn earlier as well though the risk of tribal reprisal following such a move in great. (Must recall Lanius from the East before utilizing him, additionally poor lingering rolls or action rolls may force a greater commitment to the region)

    • Extensive Spy Network – Caesar’s Legion boasts some of the finest espionage operations in the entire Mojave, with moles planted deep within both the NCR and New Vegas. (+15 to espionage)

    • Pacifier of Savages – Caesar’s legion got its start by unifying the great many disparate tribes of the Colorado region under one banner. In accordance with this, the Legion is well experienced in the proper ways to deal with tribal opposition. (+15 against unorganized foes like the Great Khans, Jackals, Vipers, Fiends etc.)

    • Brutal Methods – Legion training regimen is intense, brutal, and occasionally deadly. Weakness is not permitted at any step in a boy’s progress from child to soldier. This constrains the raw numbers of the Legion’s army but does ensure that the those who survive are the best available. (+15 Soldier Attack and Defense, -15 to recruitment rolls)

    • Disunited Upper Command*(Kinda, it’s stable right now but showing favor to Lanius or Inculta will prompt this status to evolve and become lingering depending on how much favor is shown towards a certain wing.) – The Legion possesses some of the finest strategic minds in the entire Mojave, but there’s a problem. Rivalry and intense ideological disagreement constrain the ability of Legion forces to cooperate. Emblematic of the deeper division in Legion high command is the split between Legate Lanius – who favors a far more brutal, and hardline approach than even Caesar calls for – and the relatively more ‘moderate’ Vulpes Inculta. This split threatens to envelop the whole of the Legion if not dealt with deftly, especially should Caesar die or become incapacitated. (Agents cannot collaborate on actions, showing favor to one wing of the army over the other will bring dire consequences)

    • Ideological Devotion – Members of the Legion are indoctrinated from an early age to show undying devotion both to Caesar himself as well as to the Legion’s ideology. Legionaries are prepared to lay down their lives for the legion, even willing to go so far as to kill themselves rather than risk capture by the enemy. Victory or death isn’t just an ideal to the Legion, it’s a reality. (+15 defense against morale damage, but casualties are higher after defeats)

    • Terrifying Reputation – Wherever the forces of the Legion strike, destruction follows in their wake. They descend upon prosperous towns and leave them smoldering ruins dedicated to Legion’s barbarity. A lottery is held, the losers strung up from crucifixes for all to see, the ‘winners’ sent to wander the wastes to spread tales of the Legion’s savagery. Everyone in the Mojave knows what defeat against the Legion entails… (+15 to attempts to demoralize enemy soldiers, -15 to attempts to get enemy soldiers to surrender)

    • Death of the Individual – A guiding principle of the legion is the complete death of the individual’s worth except in so far as it benefits the state. It’s members are trained to think of themselves not as individuals, but rather as members of a collective. This devotion to collective utility has lead to obedience within the ranks unmatched by it’s opponents but this same obedience constrains the Legion’s ability to think outside the box. (-15 to creativity, +15 to obedience)

    • Inequality – It is a basic truth that men and women are not equal in nature, and that attempts to force upon humanity the alien concept of equality are affronts to nature that will eventually end in ruin. So to is it true that homosexuality in an unnatural perversion of a sick mind. So it is that the Legion is an intensely masculine, patriarchal, and homophobic. (Cannot utilize the industrial, martial, or intellectual capacity of women or homosexuals)

    • Technological Backwater –  The centrality of individual sacrifice for collective benefit in the guiding Ideology of the Legion leads them to scorn robotic soldiers. How can a robot sacrifice if it does not bleed? Additionally, Caesar’s obsessive need to keep his subjects in the dark as to origin of their great and powerful leader’s inspiration leads to the Legion scorning the learned, and educated. This, as expected, retards scientific advancement in the occupied territories of the Legion. (-15 to all actions which involve a scientific field, cannot equip soldiers with energy weapons, emp grenades or other similar armaments, and cannot use robotic soldiers.)

    • Chem rejection – Alcohol, chems, and pharmaceuticals of any nature are shunned as a matter of course. If a person needs chronic medical care, especially if it’s untreatable by natural methods, then they are of no use to the Legion. This reliance on traditional healing remedies had allowed the Legion to become quite well adapted at the creation and application of traditional medicine, but healing powder can only do so much… (-15 to advanced medicine due to a rejection of pharmacology, +15 to traditional medicine)

    • Favorite of Traders –The Legion’s harsh methods of punishing anti-social behavior and disobedience, coupled with an absence of a tax system, have made Legion territories a favorite of merchants. (+15 in attempts to trade with merchants inside territory)

    • Metal ‘Backed’ Currency – The Legion issues it’s own currency of metal coins. The coins aren’t backed by anything – unlike the water backed caps popular in the rest of the Mojave – but they are given value due to being printed on precious metals giving them a better exchange rate than the NCR. This same ‘hardness’ does limit the government’s ability to influence the money supply however. (+15 in attempts to trade with merchants outside territory)

    • Pillager Economy – The reality of the Legion economy necessitates constant expansion. Slaves and materials are taken from vanquished enemies and put to use for the Legion. This reliance on slave labor in turn forces the Legion to be on the hunt for new sources of slaves (-15 to attempts to industrialize, +15 to agriculture and hard labor, military success can improve the economy and military failure or inaction can hurt the economy)

    • Caesar is Sick* – The Great and Mighty Caesar, founder of the Legion and uniter of 86 tribes, is dying. A cancerous tumor is slowly killing his brain, giving headaches, sapping his strength and depriving him of that same mental acuity which lead him to found the Legion. If something doesn’t happen, he’s not long for this world. Without Caesar… what will become of the Legion? (No immediate effects, but will roll each turn to see how the disease progresses…)



    • Hold Hoover Damn*

    • Control The Strip*

    • All Other Major Factions are Defeated*

    • The East is Pacified

    • Caesar is cured

    • Internal Disunity is averted

    • Savage Tribes of the Mojave are destroyed


Name: New Vegas

Leader: Mr. House

Base: The Lucky 38

Outposts: None

Agents: Victor, Goodsprings, Smiling Cowboy (+15 bonus to diplomacy actions)


    • The Missing Chip – Benny - Mr. House’s one time protege - has betrayed him. He’s taken the platinum chip, the key to all of this, for himself. Benny must be punished for his insubordination, but our options are limited for now. Thankfully he doesn’t know the House is on to him. (The platinum chip must be reclaimed before the securitrons can be updated. Updating the securitrons will allow you to use them more often, and provide a larger bonus)

    • Securitron Army - Mr. House’s securitron army, though limited in numbers, is the single most powerful force in New Vegas unless you count a group like the Boomers. He can’t produce any new ones until he’s able to take control of the securitron vault underneath the weather station so the hundred or so securitrons he has in the Strip are a precious resourcece. Still, they’re more than capable of dealing with most threats to Mr. House’s rule. (+25 attack and defense, but can only be used twice a turn, accessing the Weather Station force will increase this to three as soon as it’s activated, and allow you to produce more securitrons to bring it up to five)

    • Partnership with the Three Families* – Though Mr. House is the founder and proprietor of New Vegas, he does not have total control of the goings on in the city. He’s delegated control of the three major casinos to three families, promising non interference so long as they pay a tithe and swear fealty to him. This gives House a constant revenue stream, and allows him to focus on manners other than running casinos, but does prevent him from interfering in internal affairs. (Gets a cut of caps from each family a week so long as noninterference continues, lingering effects profitability)

    • The Shining City out of Time - New Vegas is a sparkling city of vice, sin, and splendor. An artifact out of time, Mr. House has meticulously recreated the spectacle and appeal of his beloved prewar Vegas, allowing it to become the centerpoint of all economic activity in the Mojave, and the foremost vacation spot in the entire west. Business is booming, but House knows it can be so much more. (+15 to economic rolls)

    • Technocratic Autocracy - Mr. House was the founder and ceo of Robco Industries before the war. He’s a genius in both a scientific, and economic sense. He alone can save humanity from the apocalypse. Within decades he will guide humanity back to it’s pre-war prosperity within centuries he will take them to space, and after that, he’ll open a newer vegas in the clouds of Venus. Only he can fix, only he offers something new. Caesar just plagiarized history books, and the NCR seeks to emulate the government which threw humanity into nuclear holocaust. (+15 to scientific rolls)

    • Knowledge of the Old World - Mr. House is a man out of time - literally. Kept alive with rejuvenating technology unthinkable to most people, and plugged into a computer network Mr. House still remembers the old world. Its failures, its pleasure, its information, its technology. Everyone else is playing catch up when it comes to the pre-war world, but Mr. House has real, actual experience. (+15 to attempts to use anything predating the apocalypse) 



    • Hold Hoover Damn*

    • Control The Strip*

    • All Other Major Factions are Defeated*

    • Upgrade Securitrons

    • Benny is punished for his insubordination

    • Profit is increased

  • Securitron vault is reactivated


Name: The Chairmen

Leader: Benny

Base: The Tops Casino

Outposts: None


Name: Yes Man

Location: The Tops Casino

Perk: Reprogrammed Securitron (+15 to actions against Mr. House)

Name: Swank

Location: The Tops Casino

Perk: Day-to-Day Operator (+15 to Casino actions)



    • The Stolen Chip – Mr. House’s obsession, the platinum chip, is ours! That courier is dead, and obviously no one could survive a shot in the head. This is our chance to boot Mr. House, take Vegas for ourselves, and proclaim Vegas as independent. We just need to figure out what the chip does, how to get it to do that, kill Mr. House, and take over his securitrons… simple. (No numerical bonus, but can upgrade securitrons… provided you can find a way to control them)

    • Tribal Affinity – The Boot Riders were the first tribe that Mr. House brought into New Vegas, and still hold warm feelings for one another against the other Three Families. They’ve taken to their role as the ‘cool’ family well. Before House came along they were wearing gecko skins, poking around the ruins, and scalping people with fun. Now they’re the most popular casino on The Strip. (-15 to interference attempts by other factions)

    • Omertas Informant -  The Omertas are a bunch of greasy Italalian degenerates. They’re always up to something. Luckily, we’ve got an in to see what they’re doing. Mr. House used to use the receptionist as his informant, but she’s been persuaded to clam up on him and talk to us instead.(+15 to actions against the Omertas)

    • NCR Tourism – The Tops is the favorite of tourists, and NCR personell alike, giving htem a healthy profit… though it could be better. Chaos on the roads has led to reduced tourism, especially non NCR tourism as most NCR troopers come from Camp McCarran. If the Western route was cleared of the Deathclaws along the Quarry, and the Eastern route secured from bandits and raiders, then tourism would – and profits – would likely increase. (Casino profit increases as NCR tourism increases)

    • Followers Help – Benny has made contact and enlisted the help of Emily Ortal, a scientist from the Followers of the Apocolypse. She’s the one who reprogrammed Yes Man in exchange for being able to inspect the hardware. Maybe we can use this as a basis for closer cooperation… (+15 for diplomacy with Followers of the Apocalypse)

    • Honorable Traditions – Benny is the leader of the Chairmen, having won the right to rule after defeating the previous leader in a duel. He enjoys broad support amond tribemembers (If Benny’s duplicity is discovered by his fellow Chairmen, he may face a challenge to his leadership) 



    • Hold Hoover Damn*

    • Control The Strip*

    • All Other Major Factions are Defeated*

    • House has been deposed as leader of New Vegas

    • Securitrons have been taken over

    • Chip’s purpose has been discovered

    • The Chairmen are the leading family in Vegas

Minor Factions (Factions that, while probably not able to control all of Vegas, do possess major influence over part of the region, who have their own goals independent of the major factions, and who may either help or hinder some of the major factions during the course of the game.)

Name: The Boomers

Leader: Mother Pearl

Base: Nellis Air Force Base

Outposts: None


Name: Loyal

Location: Nellis AFB

Perk: (+15 to repair and maintenance attempts)


Name: Argyll 

Location: Nellis AFB

Perk: (+15 to medical actions)


Name: Raquel

Location: Nellis AFB

Perk: (+15 to martial actions)



Nellis Howitzers – The Boomers’ signature defensive weapon is their heavy artillery. With it they blast any savages to bits, helping to ensure they’re isolation. This same tool of isolation has also made them an attractive ally to anyone looking to control the Mojave. Everyone wants the artillery pointed at their enemy, but it sure won’t be easy. (-50 to actions attempting to contact the Boomers, +50 attack and defense when using artillery)

Ants in the Generator Room* - The Boomers’ generator room, and ammunition stockpile has been put in jeopardy due to a recent ant infestation. They’re energy generation efforts are put on hold due to the ants, which is troublesome. More importantly, however, is the fact that the ants have begun to eat into the Boomers’ ammunition supply. If this infestation continues unabated, then the 5 year stockpile could quickly winnow down to nothing. (Continued infestation could prove disastrous to ammunition supply, -15 to attempts to eradicate the infestation due to their imbibing on excess gunpowder)

Extreme Firepower - The Boomer’s large stockpile of prewar weapons and ammunition pose a massive risk to anyone attempting to contact them. Even in the event that they were able to get past the artillery, they would be met with rocket launchers, machine guns, grenades, and many more extremely deadly weapons. The Boomers are trained from a young age to use these weapons, meaning that everyone in Nellis is themselves more than capable of defending themselves from all but the best opponents. (+25 attack and defense when not using artillery)

Damaged Solar Panels - A lack of fresh materials has unfortunately led to the Boomers’ solar panels beginning to fall apart. Without innovative repair techniques, or the necessary materials the Boomers’ power generation efforts will likely be severely damaged. (-15 to power generation)

Chronic Isolationism – The last time any Boomer has left Nellis or even had any contact with the outside world was when we left briefly to relocate the howitzers from Area Three. Since then no Boomer has set foot outside Nellis, and no savage has come close to entering Nellis. (Cannot leave Nellis, or initiate diplomacy)

Self Sufficiency - The Boomers' isolation has led them to developing a strong spirit of self sufficiency and forced them to learn how to use whatever is available to them. From recycling all materials, to growing their own food, to generating their own power, and pumping their own water Nellis is a veritable autarky in the Mojave. (+15 to agriculture, no need to trade with other factions to acquire supplies)

Trained from Birth - Boomers are taught from an early age to take care of themselves. They’re trained in using weaponry, and also general survival skills. Boomers are a hearty people, able to protect themselve, and care for themselves both inside Nellis and, should something happen, outside it too. (+15 to survivalism)

Flight Simulators – The Nellis AFB virtual flight simulators have given the Boomers’ the unique ability to use air power. Every Boomer is trained from a young age using the simulators, meaning that a society of soldiers is also a society of pilots. This is, of course, great for the boomer not just for the military advantage it gives them, but also because it makes using the Lady in the Water all the easier, provided they can get it raised. (Can use airplanes)



Raise the Lady in the Water


Name: The Great Khans

Leader: Papa Khan

Base: Red Rock Canyon

Outposts: None


Name: Jack

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Perk: Head Chemist (+15 to manufacturing chems)


Name: Diane

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Perk: Business Acumen (+15 to selling chems)


Name: Regis

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Perk: Chief law enforcer (+15 to martial actions)


Name: Jessup

Location: Bolder City

Perk: Lethal Schemer (Can be loaned out as a mercenary)


Name: Melissa Lewis

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Perk: Head Scout (+15 to scouting actions)


Name: Oscar Velasco

Location: Bitter Springs

Perk: Revenge (+15 in Bitter Springs, -15 outside Bitter Springs)



    • Old Wounds of Bitter Springs – The NCR butchered us at Bitter Springs. Murdered men, women, and children all. Those lucky few who survived were ‘allowed’ to resettle at Red Rock Canyon though we have not forgotten. Our hate still burns bright. The NCR would see our tribe whipped out, scattered to the wastes and lost from memory. We refuse to go gently into that good night. We’ll fight back, and if it be the death of us all let us also take them with us. (Cannot cooperate with the NCR)

    • Drug Based Economy - Red Rocky Canyon is a place of little comfort. We cannot grow crops. We’re too far from the trade routes to conduct regular raiders. Even geckos are scarce… In order to survive we’ve been forced to rely on Chem production and distribution as the basis of our economy. Our proud scouts have been transformed into drug mules. But we’re still a proud people, Khan Chems are the best in the Mojave, and we’re ready to do anything to maintain this  dominance. (+15 to action relating to the chem trade)

    • NCR Prisoners – Betrayed by that daisy-suited greaseball, Jessup and a few of our men are trapped in Boulder City, surrounded by NCR soldiers. All is not lost, however, as we have captured two NCR soldiers and have taken refugee in one of the ruined houses for cover. The NCR has been reticent to move on us, fearing that we’d execute the hostages if they did. This might just be our ticket out of danger. If they’ll negotiate with us… (No dice boon, but it does make negotiating with the NCR easier)

    • Knowledge of the Terrain – The Great Khans are a nomadic peoples, born into and molded by the wastes. We don’t shirk from the rough terrain by relying on the old interstate roads like  the NCR. Instead, our scouts have become masters of using the terrain to their advantage. (Cannot be ambushed, +15 to ambush attempts)

    • The Remnants - Though the majority of us relocated to Red Rock Canyon after the massacre at Bitter Springs, some of our brethren keep fighting the good fight. There are Khans left behind in the old territory, dedicated to standing up against the NCR in any way they can. (Can use no more than one action per turn to harass the NCR from behind their lines)

    • Brutal Initiation - The way to become a Khan is simple: survive a beatdown for one minute without calling for mercy. This ritual ensures only the toughest become warriors, but it does limit our ability to gain new ones. (-15 to attempts to gain soldiers, +15 to defense)

    • War Parties – One of our prodest traditions is raiding. Descending upon outsiders, butchering them, and making off with anything valuable. Our warriors are experienced, and proud raiders who know what it takes to succeed. Right now, we can only prey upon the very weak - lone travelers or caravans stupid enough to forgo hiring guards - but one day our strength will be mighty enough to threaten even New Vegas! (+15 to raid attempts)

  • Overtures by the Legion - Caesar’s Legion has recently sent over an envoy by the name of Karl to us. They promise us glory, and resources should we aid their attempts to remove the NCR from the Mojave. Some among the tribe are skeptical of cooperating with outsiders to such a degree, but Papa Khan has decided that it’s worth the risk if it means the NCR is punished for their transgressions. (+15 to interaction with the Legion, Karl is locked to Red Rock Canyon while this situation is active)

  • Great Khan Armory - Our armory, hidden in the ruins south of Red Rock Canyon, is truly one of the most extensive, and stocked in the Mojave. Our various raids, as well as profit from chem distributing has allowed us access to weaponry not afforded to lesser raider tribes. (+15 attack)


    • The NCR is driven out of the region

    • The Great Khans are Great Again

    • Papa Khan’s legacy is secured


Name: The Kings

Leader: The King

Base: The King’s School of Impersonation

Outposts: None


Name: Pacer

Location: School of Impersonation

Perk: Short Tempered Strongman (+15 to fighting)

Name: Rex

Location: School of Impersonation

Perk: Companion (+15 to actions in which both he and the King are involved)


    • Freeside Roots – The Kings are the closest Freeside has to a government – unless you count the small number of securitrons guarding the entrance to the strip. They’re respected by the majority of the population and though they don’t actively police the city – partially due to the continued danger making their bodyguard operations more profitable – they’re also some of the only watchdog active in Freeside – unless you count the pacifist Followers holed up in their fort. The movers and shakers of Freeside aren’t all members of the Kings, but they respect them far more than they respect foreigners like the Legion or the NCR, or snooty lushes like House or the casino tribes. (+15 to actions inside Freeside, -15 to actions outside Freeside)

    • Bodyguard Suspicions – One of the most lucrative business fronts for the Kings is hiring themselves out to travelers as bodyguards. Some new guy named Orso is cornering the market lately though, once someone goes with him they don’t want anybody else. The King is suspicious, but there’s no proof of anything yet. Regardless, it’s fishy, and it’s cutting into our profits. (-15 to revenue gathering in Freeside)

    • Water Monopoly* - The Kings hold a monopoly on access to drinking water in Freeside with their control of the water pump. They use this monopoly to charge residents for water use, double for NCR squatters. Barring the Followers’ attempts to get Bill Ronte clean, the monopoly is here to stay, providing The Kings with a consistent revenue stream. (Can use actions to change water rules in Freeside such as price, rationing, who’s allowed to purchase it, etc.)

    • Trouble with NCR Squatters – One of the biggest problems facing Freeside in general and the Kings in particular is the problem of NCR squatters. Freeside natives resent squatters for moving to the area in large numbers causing a drain on resources. Squatters in turn are aggravated by the local population’s resistance to them. We’re even getting reports that some of locals were assaulted in a squatter part of town, but those are unconfirmed. For now. (-15 to attempts to peacefully interact with the NCR, +15 to attempts to aggressively interact with the NCR)

    • Internal Divisions – The King is the leader of The Kings, but his rule is not absolute. From within, a group of dedicated diehard isolationists – possibly going all the way to the top – are dedicated to escalating the fight with the NCR and any other organization that would impede on the sovereignty of The Kings. Their motives differ, but their goal is the same: No Concessions, No Cooperation, No Foreign Occupation (-15 to actions attempting to cooperate with another organization, diplomacy attempts may be intercepted.)

    • Rex’s Sickness* – Rex, the King’s beloved robot dog, has seen better days. His brain is dying, it needs replaced. No one in Freeside is qualified to do such a surgery, but there have been storied of a mutant colony to the west of Vegas called Jacobstown where someone might be able to and the King can’t leave his seat of power in such tumultuous times. (Rex needs treatment soon, or else he’ll just continue to suffer until… Well, such an event would be disastrous for the King, and by extension The Kings)



    • At least one side has endorsed autonomy for Freeside

    • Tensions with the squatters is resolved

    • Rex is healed


Name: Brotherhood of Steel

Leader: Elder Nolan McNamara

Base: Hidden Valley Bunker

Outposts: Brotherhood Safehouse


Name: Edgar Hardin 

Location: HVB

Perk: Scheming Usurper (+15 to covert actions)


Name: Veronica Santagelo

Location: Trading Post 188

Perk: Open Minded Idealist (+15 to reform attempts)


Name: Linda Schuler

Location: Hidden Valley Bunker

Perk: Medical Officer (+15 to medical actions)


Name: Lars Taggart

Location: Hidden Valley Bunker

Perk: Virtual Reality Obsessed (+15 to drilling members, cannot be used for other actions)


Name: Senior Paladin Ramos

Location: Hidden Valley

Perk: Head of Security (+15 to martial actions)


Name: Senior Knight Lorenzo

Location: Hidden Valley Bunker

Perk: Repairman (+15 to maintenance actions)



Ideological Zealots – The circumstances have changed, the mission hasn’t. The destructive advanced military technologies of the old world is simply too dangerous for anyone but ourselves to wield. We must find this technology, take it for ourselves, and ensure that no one else uses it. (Cannot cooperate with technological factions, +15 to attempts to capture technology)

Insular Ranks – The Brotherhood of Steel does not accept outsiders as recruits even in the best of times. This is not the best of times. Out west, the Brotherhood might occasionally acquire new blood from adopting – or ‘adopting’ – children of the wastes and raising them in the Brotherhood or theym ight occasionally be able to find that rare wastelander who proves themselves capable of hacking it with true members of the Brotherhood. This is unlikely to happen with the Chapter in it’s current sorry state. All ‘new’ members of the Brotherhood are the children of the original Mojave expedition. Even with the most optimistic estimates, and fascistic breeding controls the Chapter is doomed for inbreeding and eventual extinction… (-25 to recruitment attempts)

Virtual Combat Simulations – The Brotherhood has access to advanced vr combat simulation training, which allows even it’s younger members to keep on top of their military abilities despite the lack of action. Still, it remains to be seen just how effective they’ll be in a real fight… (+15 training)

Advanced Armor and Weapons – Our mission is not without it’s benefits. We have access to a nearly indefatigable stockpile of advanced energy weapons and of course our signature power armor. This places us at a cut above the rest when it comes to supplies, and even though we go out of our way to avoid conflict we should be more than capable of repealing a direct attack, barring something truly overwhelming, of course... (+15 attack, +15 defense)

Strict Isolationism – The Brotherhood is dying. After the NCR drove us from Helios One we cloistered ourselves underneath Hidden Valley, secreted from the world at large. Our only interaction with the outside world is in the rare patrols we send out at night and only at night to scavenge for necessities and ensure no one draws too close. Any interloper coming too close is captured immediately, and detained. Patrols are also under strict orders not to engage any NCR personnel they see, for doing so would only draw the attention of an enemy which no doubt seeks to finish the job they started five years ago... (+15 stealth, base cannot be detected, can only do two events above the surface a turn)

Cut off from Brothers – The NCR’s conflict with us was not localized solely to our chapter, unfortunately. It was merely a part of a larger series of conflict between our Brotherhood, and the NCR. We’re unable to establish communication with much of the outside world in the Mojave, let alone outside of it, so we have no way of contacting our Brothers in California. Even if our Brothers survived – which we can’t be sure of – we’ve been unable to communicate with them for quite some time. That, combined with the nature of how our chapter was first formed, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to count on them coming to our rescue any time soon… (Cannot contact the other Brotherhood Chapters)

Goals: Ensure the survival of the Brotherhood long-term. Ensure dangerous technology doe not fall into the wrong hands

Other Factions - Factions which lack the strength/clear potential to be considered minor factions but who could theoretically be playable. If no one chooses one of these then they’ll just be AI. I’ve listed them in order of how easily they could be made playable imo.

The Followers of the Apocalypse (Old Mormon Fort)

Bright Brotherhood (REPCONN Test Center)

The Fiends (Vault 3 and surrounding area)

Vipers (Highway 95 camp, scattered. I wanted to include this one but then I read a bit more and realized the snake cult stuff was almost all canon-adjacent so I didn’t have a lot to go off of if I wanted to remain in the bounds of canon.) 

Jackals (Nevada Highway Patrol station, scattered. Also, ditto what I said about the Vipers but even more so because I had less to work with. The snake cult stuff would be about cannibalism in this case, also.)

Unplayable Faction - Factions which exist in the Mojave, but are so insular or small in nature that they wouldn’t work for this type of game without massive changes to either the mechanics or the lore. These factions will likely only ever be acted upon by other factions.

Powder Gangers (NCRF and surrounding area)

Utobithia (Black Mountain)


North Vegas

Primm (Note: The convicts that the player encounters in Primm during the game are considered members of the Powder Gangers for the purpose of this roleplay)





If there is any faction not listed here, you are more than welcome to claim it provided you put in the work to make a faction description using the template provided above. Also, I have only ever played the base game, so if you want to use lore from the DLC, you are welcome to but you’re going to need to help me out in that regard lol. Cen mentioned The Think Tank from Old World Blues, and Joshua Graham’s Dead Horses tribe from Honest Hearts as good choices for playable DLC factions, but again I haven’t played either DLC so I’ll leave it to player discretion on if they want to play as a DLC faction.


Finally (I think?) one more little wrinkle I have for this RP is the dice system I’ll be using. As you might have guessed I’ll be using a D100 to determine the success of your actions, but what makes this RP different is that I’ve devised a system that breaks down attempted actions into Very Easy-Quite Easy-Easy-Somewhat Easy-Medium-Somewhat Hard-Hard-Quite Hard-Hard-Very Hard. And I’ve also devised a system of Abject Failure-Failure-Slight Failure-Slight Success-Success-Clear Success which will determine what the exact impact of your actions is. Of course, I am human, and I don’t have a very hard and set system in here to subjectivity will undoubtedly come into play. But if you think I’ve made the wrong call you’re more than welcome to talk it out with me. I’m not an umpire, I’m not going to eject you for disagreeing with me lol.

Thank you to @Cenzonico for consulting on this, you were invaluable. He was also the one who gave me the idea to include the very-minor and unplayable factions.

I have no idea why it's all bold. I can't seem to get rid of it unless I post it as plain text but then that fucks up the formatting so I'll just have to deal with it.


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For transparency sake, here's how dice rolls scale for each difficulty level. I am a bit worried that it's too punishing, but that's what the bonuses and agents are here for, they're supposed to give you a better shot at succeeding at those difficult roles where otherwise you'd fail, or giving you a better success than you'd get otherwise.


Also, since there's less than anticipated demand, I'm going to give us until midday Saturday to begin which should give more than enough time for people to decide whether they want to join or not, and get in while they can. Also, if nobody else joins, I'll either have to run a lot of AI factions (which I'm fine with tbh, but it kind of defeats the spirit of an RP), or force players to play a major faction instead of minor ones (which I'm doubly against, so I probably won't do that even if worst comes to worst.)

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1. Jack will begin manufacturing stimpacks so as to earn more money and to ensure the Khans have a stable supply of them (I know this needs a skill check in the game, but I don’t have any other short term economic ideas).

2. Papa Khan will try to improve relations with nearby Jacobstown, considering that they've both had trouble with the NCR, perhaps a defensive agreement against it would be on the table? Additionally Jack could theoretically help with the nightkin's schizophrenia.

3.  Diane will look for friends in freeside, with the Kings having had trouble with NCR encroachment and combativeness with the strip. A defensive agreement could be useful, however the priority will be getting a flow of Khan chems in.

4. Melissa will scout out Powder Ganger outposts and regular raiding locations, both trying to map them out and determine what kind of loot could be taken. Priority 1 will be avoiding detection even if it costs the mission.

5. If possible I will save this action until Sean does the NCR stuff, if else Oscar will terrorize everyone in Bitter Springs.

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49 minutes ago, Sean F Kennedy said:

I will do this tomorrow I’m sorry I’ve been busy with work and family stuff.

That's perfectly alright! I mean besides, it's not like I've been a very active GM lol.

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