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Favorable or Unfavorable #551: Clare Boothe Luce


Favorable or Unfavorable #551: Clare Boothe Luce  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #551: Clare Boothe Luce

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Clare Boothe Luce (CT-R) is arguably the 1st really influential woman in Congress. She started out as an FDR-friendly GOPer, but didn't want a 3rd term FDR. In the post-war she became a conservative, strongly anti-Communist GOPer. If not for Communism, I think she probably would have stayed a moderate-to-liberal. In regards to 1959, Morse was a progressive GOP who would become an IND and then a Dem. He controlled the foreign affairs committee, and she thought he would make things difficult for her. 

Luce was first well-known as a very socially progressive woman playwright who married Henry Luce, who was sort of like a Rupert Murdock x10. No real comparable media person today. 

Her actions:

Luce, Clare Boothe 1935 Marries arguably the most influential media figure of the time, Henry Luce
Luce, Clare Boothe 1936 gains national attention w/ all female cast play, The Women, which becomes a hit
Luce, Clare Boothe 1940 Former GOP FDR supporter backs Wilkie
Luce, Clare Boothe 1942 Celebrity socialite and author becomes GOP US Rep
Luce, Clare Boothe 1942 calls VP Henry Wallace's views globaloney
Luce, Clare Boothe 1943 Calls for the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act, calling it Hitleresque
Luce, Clare Boothe 1944 Accuses FDR of having lied the US into WWII
Luce, Clare Boothe 1945 Argues that an upcoming WWIII will occur against Communism
Luce, Clare Boothe 1946 Role in creating US Atomic Energy Commission
Luce, Clare Boothe 1946 Luce-Celler Act
Luce, Clare Boothe 1953 Appt Amb to Italy by Eisenhower
Luce, Clare Boothe 1959 Appt to Amb to Brazil by Eisenhower, but she resigns soon after confirmation due to Sen Morse's objections to her conservatism
Luce, Clare Boothe 1964 Goldwater supporter declines pressure to run for Sen of NY under Conservative Party
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I like her a whole helluva lot more than Phyllis Schlafely, but I still disapprove of her. If only slightly.

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