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Favorable or Unfavorable #555: John R Lynch

Favorable or Unfavorable #555: John R Lynch  

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John R Lynch (MS-R) had spent more of his life enslaved than as a free person by the time he became a US Rep. He is a lesson in the genius and potential of people who had been enslaved (and hypothetically of those that never saw freedom) and of the backwardness of the Jim Crow South. Once Reconstruction ended, the white South retaliated through a variety of state laws to weaken both Republicans and blacks in the South (poor whites were also often hurt as well as a by product by the higher classes didn't care). Lynch miraculously won a US Seat again in 1880 but the stunned state tried to prevent him from taking his seat. By the time he could sit, he hadn't time to put energy into reelection. About 1910, he took part in the Great Migration to the North, as many blacks wanting something closer to equal rights, a political voice, freedom of violence, etc sought Northern cities. Lynch went to Chicago and became a notable local politician there. 

His actions:

Lynch, John R. 1863 Freed from slavery by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation at age 16
Lynch, John R. 1873 Speaker of the MS State house; the 1st elected black speaker of any state
Lynch, John R. 1873 New black GOP US Rep takes seat in MS
Lynch, John R. 1874 backs Civil Rights measure, giving personal testimony as a slave and former slave in the South
Lynch, John R. 1877 Out of Congress as white Democrat majority gerrymanders his district against him
Lynch, John R. 1880 Wins back a seat in US Congress against all odds, but the state contests the win and doesn't sit until 1882
Lynch, John R. 1884 Fmr US Rep and fmr slave delivers GOP keynote speech at conv; serves as temporary chair at Conv, becoming 1st black to chair Conv
Lynch, John R. 1898 Fmr US Rep serves as major during Sp-Am War
Lynch, John R. 1913 Fmr slave and fmr US Rep authors notable The Facts of Reconstruction
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