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What I Think Will Determine if Trump Runs


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Add up the % chance from the following "events" below.: 

  • DeSantis's approval collapses because of mishandling COVID Delta Virus situation or etc.: 20%
  • No alternative to Trump is showing any uptick in support or favorability by Midterms: 20%
  • GOP takes back the US House: 50%
  • GOP takes back the US Senate: 50%
  • Biden's average approval rating is lower than his average disapproval rating: 50%
  • Polls show Biden could lose in a landslide for an extended period of time -- say a month or more -- likely because of economic issues: 50%
  • Biden's age or health makes Biden unable to run for reelection: 50%

Things that will deter Trump from running: 

  • DeSantis becomes extremely popular and is outpolling Trump regularly. Trump seems like to lose the primaries if he runs. 
  • Biden's approval rating is steady or increasing. 
  • Democrats hold on to both Houses of Congress or increase their numbers. 
  • Trump's age or health makes him unable to run.
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4 hours ago, MrPotatoTed said:


I mean Debs, LaRouche, and Keith Russell Judd have run from jail. The third guy actually got about 41% in a Democratic WV primary against Obama...

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2 minutes ago, Dobs said:

No, no no no. She’s a child. Stop this.

Yeah, his post did sound creepy...

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The moderators and I are discussing what we should do about a previous comment (hidden, for now) that was made in this thread. That kind of behavior isn't acceptable on this forum, and isn't representative of the kind of culture we would like here, even if it was a joke.

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