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Presidents Ranked by Most Difficult Presidencies


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This is a ranks presidencies by who had the most to least difficult presidency. That is, the events they were dealt or inherited during their times. It does not rank their ability to handle those events. The top of the list allowed the possibility for greatness that the bottom of the list does not.:

  1. Lincoln
  2. FDR
  3. Buchanan
  4. Hoover
  5. Pierce
  6. Andrew Johnson
  7. Fillmore
  8. Taylor
  9. Washington
  10. Madison
  11. GW Bush
  12. Grant
  13. LBJ
  14. Nixon
  15. Truman
  16. JFK
  17. Trump
  18. Carter
  19. Ford
  20. J Adams
  21. Jefferson
  22. Jackson
  23. Eisenhower
  24. B Harrison
  25. Obama
  26. Van Buren
  27. Polk
  28. Wilson
  29. Biden *So far*
  30. GHW Bush
  31. Th Roosevelt
  32. Reagan
  33. McKinley
  34. Cleveland
  35. Clinton
  36. Garfield
  37. Tyler
  38. Taft
  39. Arthur
  40. Hayes
  41. WH Harrison
  42. Coolidge
  43. Harding
  44. Monroe
  45. JQ Adams
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1 minute ago, Patine said:

I firmly believe, in the specific cases of Obama and Trump, a notable part of what made their Presidencies difficult was the toxic levels American media had reached by that point. Though, a qualifier must be made for Trump. I've said this a couple of times on Anthony's thread, but I stand by it. Even though Trump thoroughly excoriated, insulted, railed against, ranted at, and threatened to sue and pass laws against American news media, and called it, "Fake News," and an, "Enemy of the State," I firmly do not believe he would have actually have been elected in 2016 in the first if it were not for the free and constant - if negative - coverage the U.S. media gave him. And, even though the U.S. media demonized, villainized, and thoroughly sensationalized (in a negative way) Trump, calling him a Fascist, saying he was the worst candidate to ever run for office in the U.S., and he was this great inhuman monster that was going to turn the nation into an authoritarian "Christian," White ethno-state tyranny with pogroms of minorities, they got huge amounts of increase in ratings, clicks, advertising funds, and all the other nitty gritty ways they measure success. Despite the incendiary and vitriolic rhetoric toward each other, Trump and the U.S. media were among the greatest allies and enablers each other could have at the time...

Trump's placement is as high as it is almost exclusively because of Covid. His presidency would have been a cakewalk for any president otherwise. He inherited a rising economy. Most of the difficulties he had was brought on by his own person, it seems. 

Obama's presidency was relatively easy outside of the Great Recession. That's the primary reason for his placement. 

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