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Conor Lamb announces run for US Senate


US Senate PA election 2022  

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  1. 1. Who wins the GOP nomination for US Senator?

    • Kathy Barnett, failed nominee for US Rep
    • Jeff Bartos, failed nominee for Lt Gov
    • Sean Parnell, failed nominee for US Rep
    • Carla Sands, US Amb to Denmark for Pres. Trump
    • Everett Stern, failed candidate for US Senate
  2. 2. Who wins the Democratic nomination for US Senator?

    • John Fetterman, incumbent Lt Gov
    • Malcolm Kenyatta, incumbent State Rep
    • Conor Lamb, incumbent US Rep
    • Sharif Street, incumbent State Rep
  3. 3. Who do you think wins in 2022?

    • My predicted GOP nominee
    • My predicted Dem nominee

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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

I prefer Fetterman, but Lamb is basically a lock to win. 

I feel the opposite (prefer Lamb but think Fetterman has a good chance) tbh but I think Lamb has a decent shot with how good his campaigning is usually. 

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