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Canada 1993 Election


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Hello! I'm not going to give much of a preamble... CANADA 1993!!

Pick your parties! This is a one off so no factions or anything just pick a party and go go go! Feel free to change the leaders, so long as the new leader makes sense to a degree!

Progressive Conservatives - Kim Campbell - @The Blood

NDP - Audrey McLaughlin - @Rezi

Bloc Quebecois - Lucien Bouchard - @Hestia

Liberals -Jean Chretien - @Edouard

Reform - Preston Manning - @Timur

National Party - Mel Hurtig - @WVProgressive

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CBC Radio Canada : The leader of the official opposition has started his campaign by a very agressive rally toward the incumbent Conservative government.

Anchor : Yes indeed, the leader of the opposition mister Jean Chrétien (L-Saint Maurice) has accused Mulroney's government to have "put the country into fire, just look at this clip.

What's a safe lead in the polls? History suggests Trudeau's lead isn't  enough | CBC News

Jean Chrétien : Mulroney's government is COLLAPSING into the mess he created.

Reopening the dialogue on the Canadian constitution has just revived divisions which do exist in our great country.

Western Canadians do believe that the federal government is doing too much for Quebec, and Quebecers are feeling betrayed by a government which has promised a lot, but didn't deliver enough.

It is time to close the pandora box which was opened by Brian Mulroney several years ago, it's time to shut down constitutionnal talks, accept that Quebec has not signed our constitution and move toward a comprehensive dialogue with the province of Quebec, but it is no longer the time for impossible compromises which divide and tear our provinces apart.

It is time for a new Liberal government, with fiscal policies which will be responsible and fair for the working and the middle class, it is time for a government which will respect and unite canadians, it is time to move beyond 10 years of chaos and uncertainty, and also save the french language in america because WE WILL ENSURE BILINGUALISM FROM AN OCEAN TO THE OTHER.

I am proud of our country, I am proud of our Constitution, and our charta on rights and freedom and a big majority of canadians do agree with us, so let us make a real Bloc, not divisive like the Bloc Québécois, but a Canadian bloc, that will end constitutionnal debates, restore the financial credibility of Canada and will protect francophones of Canada and first nations, while delivering social policies for middle and working classes of our country !

De Gaulle once said vive le Québec Libre, I say vive le Canada qui assure au Québec sa liberté !



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1) The Reform Party kicks off their campaign in Alberta. Preston Manning starts campaigning around the region.

2) Stephen Harper also campaigns in Alberta.

3) The Reform Party launch an ad in British Colombia criticizing the welfare state.

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Mel Hurtig kicks off the campaign by giving a speech in Edmonton East about the importance of Protecting Canada's national sovereignty, and fighting against the Mulroney government's policy of Privatization, Free Trade, and Continentalism.

The National Party blankets Vancouver with leaflet ads.

Mel Hurtig campaigns for the National Party candidate in Kootenay West—Revelstoke

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