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Presidents Ranked by Presidential Temperament


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This ranking is non-ideological and ranks the presidents in accordance to polished manners, eloquent speaking, breadth of knowledge, strong education, interest in public service, etc. They are being ranked, somewhat with their own time, in so much that slave holders aren't being penalized for being slave holders or that former presidents aren't being penalized for being politically incorrect by today's standards and such:

  1. Jefferson
  2. Wilson
  3. Obama
  4. JFK
  5. Taft
  6. Garfield
  7. GHW Bush
  8. JQ Adams
  9. Monroe
  10. Eisenhower
  11. McKinley
  12. Washington
  13. Th Roosevelt
  14. FDR
  15. Clinton
  16. John Adams
  17. Reagan
  18. Biden *So far*
  19. Hoover
  20. Madison
  21. Carter
  22. Nixon
  23. Buchanan
  24. Hayes
  25. Van Buren
  26. Cleveland
  27. Ford
  28. Harding
  29. Pierce
  30. B Harrison
  31. Coolidge
  32. Arthur
  33. Tyler
  34. Lincoln
  35. GW Bush
  36. Polk
  37. WH Harrison
  38. Fillmore
  39. US Grant
  40. LBJ
  41. Truman
  42. Jackson
  43. Trump
  44. Taylor
  45. Andrew Johnson
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