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Pick one Democrat and one Republican. You automatically start at 0% in every state except for your home state (though things may vary: e.g. Romney will have bonuses in Massachusetts, Michigan, Utah, and a few other states in the West). If 90% or more of the state supports someone, I'll "lock" it, and the rest of the percentage will be randomized. There will be no primary dates. It will be all done at once when all of the states & territories have been locked.

You can choose anyone provided that they are currently alive. However if you choose 1) A minor candidate (e.g. Vermin Supreme), 2) A candidate running for the opposite party (e.g. for some reason a Republican decides to run Democrat), 3) A candidate who is over 80 years old, or 4) A candidate who is ineligible you will start with an automatically -10% everywhere except your home state, and you will only be able to gain from 1~5% for every event.

You get three events (you have to specify which state/territory you will be doing this event), and I'll roll a 10-sided die. If you get 1, you get 1% in that region, and if you roll 10, you get 10% in that region. However, on your first turn, you get 4 events (one has to be a declaration of their campaign).

You may use your event to attack other candidates. You have a 50% chance of succeeding. If you succeed you get to decrease their support (1~4%), if you fail, you actually increase their support (1~4%).

You may also seek endorsers. I'll roll a 100-sided die. If you get endorsed, you'll get a bonus event with that endorser. If you get endorsed by someone really major (e.g. Trump, Obama), you'll get three events (plus a bonus percentage nationwide). However, it will be  hard to get (over 80/100).

It is never too late to announce before all the states & territories are locked up.

I'll see if this gets any interest.

Let the chaos begin.

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