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Northern Alliance flags hoisted in Panjshir Valley


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I dedicate this post to @vcczar and to all other vexillologists on here.

"The flag of the ‘Northern Alliance’ or the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan has been hoisted for the time since 2001 in Panjshir valley."

An image of the flag shared by on Twitter. (@HajiNoorUllah7)(Twitter)

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2 minutes ago, Patine said:

What happened to that emblem defacing the Northern Alliance flag as it was from 1996-2001?


And the recorded Northern Alliance flag from 2001-2002, before they declared the Pro-NATO Government was going to be set up.


What happened to that emblem?

I don't know! Probably they are too complicated to be sewed for flags just for everyday use. But both are very beautiful designs, from an artistic point of view.

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