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Florida election poll results


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Here are the most interesting findings:

Though not surprising but among people who have backed Biden on a slim majority, Rubio nets a much greater share of potential votes. Another possible sign of my assumption that non-controversial people besides the Trump sycophants could have a way better chance to win for the GOP. These results also undermine the assumption that it wasn't in fact a pro-Biden choice, but an anti-Trump choice once again. Rubio could have won in a landslide in both 2016 and 2020 I guess.


Potential Senate vote:

1. M. Rubio/Republican 351 50%

2. V. Demings/Democrat 276 39%

3. Other 4 01%

4. Undecided 64 09%


Q11. Do you recall who you voted for in the last general election for President in 2020?

1. Joe Biden/Democrat 347 50%

2. Donald Trump/Republican 326 47%

3. Jo Jorgensen/Libertarian 0 00%

4. Someone else 4 01%

5. Undecided 5 01%

6. Refuse 18 03%

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