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6-Party America: Where are you?


Read the explanation and take the test first  

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  1. 1. Into which Party were you placed?

    • Progressive Party
    • American Labor Party
    • New Liberal Party
    • Growth and Opportunity Party
    • Christian Conservative Party
    • Patriot Party

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Take the above linked quiz and post your results! Let me know if you agree with your party placement based on the author's description of each. I'll get the ball-rolling by first posting my results.


Not really a surprise to get placed in the GOP (lol).

I think this next graph is even cooler.


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I have a NYTimes account, but they do allow you a certain number of articles per month for free.  I believe you still have to create an account for it, perhaps, but don't have to link a bank account to it.  

Here's mine:  not particuarly close to any of the party options, but closest to American Labor party.  

I'm strongly against legalizing marijuana, so that's presumably how I ended up so close to the middle line on social issues.


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14 minutes ago, Patine said:

You'd never know that if you listened to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter rabbit on for years... 😛

Yeah, I know. 

I have a question. What is your opinion on the mask mandate in Canada? Anthony is going insane with his anti-mandate rhetoric on his forum. 

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  • 2 weeks later...
9 hours ago, Patine said:

Plus, Anthony gets information from self-indulgent, sensationalist quacks like, "Doctor," Jordan Petersen and other idiot shit-disturbers (whom I was permanently banned for disagreeing firmly with the bullshit of, and then that covered up with brazen lies about the reason made publicly - that's how far gone Anthony is - and you can tell him that - in fact you all should en masse).

Why the ""? He's a licensed clinical psychologist.

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On 9/24/2021 at 1:09 PM, Patine said:

You think there's validity to that garbage, do you? Maybe I underestimated your rationality, even beyond mindless worship of Capitalism/Corporatism as an institution. Oh, my wayward puppy boy, what monster are you becoming? 😛

Im just saying that I respect a lot of his viewpoints. 

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