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The election Canada doesn't need but Youtube commenters wanted for some reason


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  • Timur changed the title to The election Canada doesn't need but Youtube commenters wanted for some reason
14 minutes ago, Timur said:



Obviously, this was edited to help Bernier and destroy Trudeau among other things.

(Note: This is just a joke on those Youtube comments filled with Bernier supporters)

(This might be how the election will turn out if Youtube commenters had their way)

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5 hours ago, Patine said:

What about YouTube commenters. I only watch official music video and old commercials from my younger TV-watching days on YouTube, nothing else. That's been my policy for quite a while. I think the fact I didn't watch the Jordan Petersen YouTube link that supposed to magically convert me to accepting the vapid, stupid catchphrase, "cultural Marxism," as having stellar validity was the real spark of why Anthony "the Unhinged" Burgoyne banned me permanently - again, not the five blatant lies of reasons he quoted, three of which he, himself, was guilty of at the time, instead. It is still painfully noted that no one on this forum said anyone to challenge Anthony, or even to question him, for such an obvious abuse of power and outright, blatant lie around why - just sheepish silence with a few cowed, submissive mutterings...

I remember the time I took interest in the 2019 Canadian election -- I remember looking at the comments filled with Bernier fans. Some comment sections seemed to be 90% Bernier. I remember seeing positive comments about Singh and Blanchet & negative comments about Scheer & full hatred for Justin Trudeau.

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