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If a different Secretary of State had taken on Trump on 2016


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7 hours ago, Patine said:

I'm no fan of Kerry. He's as much a Bushist as Obama, Clinton, and Biden, despite running against him in 2004 (in a campaign that only meaningfully differed on domestic social issues - he was all for, "staying his opponent's course," in paraphrased words in the issues that really mattered at the time). And like the Bushes (Prescott, George H.W., and George W.), he's a member of the sinister, secretive, and VERY politically-motivated Skull-and-Bones Fraternity.

Fair, I just wanted to play a fun scenario, the thing I find most interesting about this is the 3rd party surges

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There was JohnnyK's scenario which had a bunch. It is interesting, but I am bewildered as to why Dokdo is an issue in America at all.

Dakota Hale and Conservative Elector made some scenarios with more third parties.

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