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I know this is a bit different a roleplay than we’re used to, but I thought it might be a fun, and unique roleplay nonetheless. Oh, and don’t worry about not being extremely knowledgeable about Batman lore, or whatever, because trust me, I’ve invested a lot, probably too much, time, and money into Batman media, so I can probably help fill in any gaps that you may have 😉. I hope that this can be a fun, and exciting roleplay experience for all of us, regardless of whether we're a participant, or a spectator, and regardless of our level of knowledge about Batman.


Yes Father, I shall become a bat.” - Bruce Wayne upon seeing a bat land upon a bust of his father Thomas Wayne. Batman: Year One, Written by Frank Miller, with art by David Mazzucchelli, and Richmond Lewis


Gotham City, home to four million Americans, is simultaneously one of the leading economic centers in world, and a city chock full of crime, graft, and corruption. A pit of Hell, devoid of hope, and unable to be changed. Or so one would be led to believe. Dominated by crooked public officials, and overrun with criminals, Gotham is a city of broken spirits, with all but the most determined, and idealistic Gothamites disillusioned with any hope of reforming Gotham, and resigned to the fact that Gotham will forever be an incurably sick place. The debut of a mysterious crime fighter in a bat costume brings about a jolt to the ossified, stagnant Gotham. Can Gotham truly be reformed, or will business continue as usual, just as it has for generations? It all depends on you...


We begin in March 1987, immediately following the end of Batman: Year One Chapter One. Turns represent one Month, and factions may take 5 actions each turn. I don’t have a specific list of actions, so I encourage you to get creative with how you play.


Batman Played by: @Pringles

Leader: Bruce Wayne/Batman

Allies: Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox

Wards: None

One cold November night when he was eight years old, a young Bruce Wayne’s world was forever shattered when his parents were killed during a random mugging. Traumatized by the loss of his parents, Bruce Wayne decided to dedicate his life to ridding Gotham of crime. Now, aged twenty-five, Bruce has returned to Gotham becoming a master in the martial arts, science and every aspect of criminology after studying across the globe for the past twelve years. After a disastrous attempt at plainclothes vigilantism, Bruce has adopted the persona of Batman to both protect his secret identity, and to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals. With nigh inexhaustible resources as the CEO of Wayne enterprises, Bruce Wayne is ready to fight a war that he’s spent the last eighteen years of life preparing for. Can he honor the promise he made to his parents, and finally rid Gotham of crime, and corruption, or will the Batman simply be swallowed up the gaping maw of villainy that is Gotham city?

As the Batman, you will have to balance a unique meter:

Knight-Playboy: This represents the balancing act that Bruce must play as he battle crime as Batman, and runs a multi billion dollar corporation as Bruce Wayne. Keep this meter balanced. Too far to the Knight side, and Bruce will become increasingly brutal, and obsessed with vigilantism, which will degrade his performance in the field, and in the board room, as well as sour the public perception of Batman. Too far to the Playboy side, and Bruce will spent less time as Batman, not train, or create new, and improved equipment, and may even retire from the cowl completely. It is important to note, however, that if Batman has any wards at the time of his retirement, his ward(s) will be able to become the new Batman.

Win conditions: Batman is active, Safety, Corruption, and Unrest meters are at their highest points, and there are no Bad alignment factions active in Gotham


The Reformers Played by @Kittenand @Dobs

Leader: District Attorney Harvey Dent & Lt. Jim Gordon

Heroes: Lt. Harvey Bullock, Sgt. Sarah Essen, Officer Stanley Merkel, Officer Renee Montoya

If there’s one thing Gotham City is known for, it’s corruption. Graft, and corruption permeate every section of life in Gotham, from the parish, to the board rooms, to the Mayor’s office, to even the Police Department. All is not lost however, as there is a group of reformers, trying their best to rid Gotham of the corruption that has encapsulated the city for as long as anybody can remember. Can the reformers win, and flush Gotham of the corruption that has plagued it for decades, or will the ossified establishment hold on?

Win conditions: Safety, and Corruption, and meters are at their highest points, no meter is in crisis, there are no Bad alignment factions active in Gotham, and the faction is in control of all three public offices (Mayor, DA, and Police Commish), as well as the city council


The Old Guard @The Blood

Leader: Police Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb

Agents: Detective Arnold Flass, Lt. Max Eckhardt, Deputy Commissioner Peter Grogan, Swat Commander Howard Branden, Council Chair Hamilton Hill

The Old Guard represents the establishment of Gotham City, those who do things the old way, which is to say, the corrupt way. Led by the corrupt Gillian B. Loeb, the Old Guard de facto controls the GCPD, and most of the city council. With the reformers making waves, and the emergence of a masked vigilante called Batman, can the Old Guard hold on, or will they get swept up by a tide of change?

Win Conditions: The Reformers are eliminated, the Batman is arrested, Corruption meter is at its lowest point, Gothamites are politically apathetic, and in the Old Guard is in control of all three public offices, and the city council.


The Falcone Family @Rodja

Leader: Carmine “The Roman” Falcone

Family Members (Ranked by Influence): Mario Falcone (Heir to the Falcone Family), Sofia Flacone, Alberto Falcone (Uninvolved with the ‘family business’, in Europe as a student)

Goons: Milos Grapa, Chris Castillo, Blondie Mirti, Tony Zucco, the Sullivan Family of hitmen

The Roman, and the Falcone Crime Family hold Gotham in a death grip, with their hands in every pie. They have the GCPD, and Gotham’s political, and economic establishment in their back pocket, and other than a few small time pimps, and drug pushers, all organized crime in Gotham is connected to the Falcone Mafia. With the rise of the reformers, and the emergence of the Batman, will the good times keep on coming for the Falcone family?

Win Conditions: Batman is eliminated, Reformers are eliminated, Corruption, and Safety meters are at their lowest points, there are no Good alignment factions active in Gotham, and Gothamites are politically apathetic.


The Media @Rezi

Outlets: Gotham Gazette (Print), Gotham Daily News (Radio, and Television)

Reporters: Vicki Vale, Jack Ryder, Summer Gleeson, Alexander Knox

The fourth branch of government! The media holds the unique position of being the only true wild card faction, being able to ally with any of the four major factions. Will they extol the virtues of the reformers, cover up the misdeeds of the Old Guard? How will they respond to the appearance of Gotham’s own vigilante Batman? It's all up to you.

Win Conditions: Trust in Media meter is at its highest point, the media remains free of government independence, and the Gotham Gazette surpasses the Daily Planet in popularity.


Factions may rise to prominence, or fall into obscurity through the course of the story, depending on the choices that players make.


Meters to watch:

Mayor Approval: How much the Gotham Public approves of the Mayor’s job performance

DA Approval: Same as above, except for DA instead of Mayor

GCPD Approval: Ditto, but for the Gotham Police

City Council Approval: How much the Gotham Public approves of the City Council's actions, and current majority

Batman Approval: This represents the public’s support for Batman, his war on crime, and his methods.


Trust in the Media: Represents how much the public trusts the media to report the truth. This effects how effective media actions are.

Safety: Represents how much crime, violence, and insecurity there is in Gotham. A lower meter represents more crime, drugs, and disorder, while a higher meter represents less crime, and more respect for law, and order.

Economic Growth: This represents the health of the Gotham economy. As one of the most important industrial, and financial cities in the world, it is important to keep the economy ticking.

Quality of Life: This represents the quality of life for the Gotham public. This covers a wide range of things, from poverty, to pollution, and more.

Unrest: This represents how content/discontent/apathetic the Gotham public is with it’s government. Sustained periods of high unrest will lead to protests, riots, and even terrorism as the Gotham public grows increasingly disillusioned with the government.

Budget: This represents the Gotham budget, and whether it is balanced, in surplus, or deficit, and to what degree it is unbalanced.

Corruption: This represents how rampant corruption is in Gotham’s public sector.



Public Offices:

Mayor: Lee Borg (Neutral, Retiring)

DA (Elected, same rules as Mayor): Harvey Dent (Reformers)

Police Commissioner(Appointed by Mayor upon vacancy): Gillian B. Loeb (Old Guard)

City Council (41 total, no term limits, elected concurrent to the mayor): 30 Old Guardians, 5 Reformists, 4 Vacant, 2 Unaligned. Council Chair: Hamilton Hill (Old Guard)


Mayoral Elections happen every four years in the year before a Presidential election year. They are nonpartisan, and use a two round system, where the top two candidates advance to a second round. The First Round is in May/Three Turns, and the Second Round is in November/9 Turns.


Meter Positions at Game Start:

Approve/Disapprove/Unsure&Don’t Know

Mayor Approval: 20%/25%/55%

DA Approval: 50%/20%/30%

GCPD Approval: 20%/60%/20%

City Council Approval: 10%/65%/25%

Batman Approval: 30%/20%/50% (Note, as Batman has not official debuted yet, as we’re starting right at the end of Chapter One, this more accurately represents the Gotham public’s support for vigilantism.)


Trust in the Media: 5/10 There’s an inherent cynicism among the Gotham populace, but they still trust, and rely on the news media to inform them of the goings on, both within Gotham, and the world.

Safety: 1/10 The city has become notorious for its rampant, uncontrolled crime. The streets are filled with drugs, prostitutes, and small time muggers, while organized crime has a major presence in every aspect of Gotham. The GCPD is either extremely ineffective, or in bed with the criminals. Citizens no longer trust the government to keep them safe.

Economic Growth: 6/10 Gotham’s economy continues the growth that it has seen for every year since the beginning of the Reagan administration. However, compared to the white hot growth of the early 80s, the slow, and steady growth of the present seems middling in comparison, despite things improving.

Quality of Life: 3/10 Severe gap between the rich, and the poor, large number of impoverished Gothamites, a poor social safety net, rampant pollution, and a high level of racial animosity.

Unrest: 10/20 Most Gothamites are apathetic to the current political situation, but do not take this as a sign of approval.

Budget: 4/10 Moderate budget deficit forcing the city to take out loans.

Corruption: 2/10 Gotham’s public sector is almost entirely corrupt, and it is seriously harming public perception of the government, as well as putting a hamper on the efficiency of Gotham’s public services.


Knight-Playboy: 40/100 A slight preference toward the Knight side of the meter


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37 minutes ago, Patine said:

What is, "Batman: Year One Chapter One?" I'm not familiar with that iteration.

Batman: Year One is a four issue Batman storyline published from March-June of 1987, written by Frank Miller, who you may know as the author of The Dark Knight Returns, and widely considered to be as definitive a Batman origin as one can get. I specified that we’re starting at the end of chapter one, as that is when Bruce decides to become Batman, but before his first night out as the masked vigilante, the quote at the top of the page is even the final line of the chapter. I believed it would give the maximum amount of freedom for the Batman player to play as the Batman that they want to be, from Adam Westian camp to slightly fascistic All Star Batman, and Robin the Boy Wonder, while also putting us into the heart of the action.




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Alright, that's every spot filled, so @Kitten @Dobs @Pringles @Rodja @Rezi and @The Bloodyou may now post your events for turn one! I'm excited to begin, and I hope you all have fun. By the way, @Kitten @Dobs I planned on splitting up the reformists between the two of you with Kitten taking over Harvey Dent, and the District Attorney's office, and Dobs taking over the Honest Cops in the GCPD led by Jim Gordon, would that be copacetic to the two of you?

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1 minute ago, WVProgressive said:

Alright, that's every spot filled, so @Kitten @Dobs @Pringles @Rodja @Rezi and @The Bloodyou may now post your events for turn one! I'm excited to begin, and I hope you all have fun. By the way, @Kitten @Dobs I planned on splitting up the reformists between the two of you with Kitten taking over Harvey Dent, and the District Attorney's office, and Dobs taking over the Honest Cops in the GCPD led by Jim Gordon, would that be copacetic to the two of you?

What should events look like?

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10 minutes ago, Rodja said:

What should events look like?

I don't have very hard set rules for what they should look like, more of a 'I know it when I see it' type of thing. So long as I can parse out what your trying to do it'll be ok. It can be anything from 'The Roman sends Tony Zucco to assassinate the Flying Graysons' to 'The Falcone Family will look to expand their protection racket. To do this they will target Haly's Circus, and send Tony Zucco to threaten the owner into paying the protection fee. If the owner refuses, then Zucco is told to assassinate the circus's main attraction The Flying Graysons in order to send the owner of the circus a message.' to give an example of how the same event can be made multiple ways

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1.Falcone Family organizes robbing of Gotham Bank sending Milos Grapa to lead the operation.

2.Falcone Family sends Tony Zucco to assassinate their rival(please fill in the gap since I'm no Batman expert)

3.Sofia Falcone travels to Europe to convince her brother Alberto to join the "buisness"

4.Falcone Family organises large drug trafficking operation.

5.Mario Falcone launches "The Falcone Foundation",scam for money laundering masked as humanitarian foundation.

@WVProgressiveis it good?

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3 minutes ago, Rodja said:

1.Falcone Family organizes robbing of Gotham Bank sending Milos Grapa to lead the operation.

2.Falcone Family sends Tony Zucco to assassinate their rival(please fill in the gap since I'm no Batman expert)

3.Sofia Falcone travels to Europe to convince her brother Alberto to join the "buisness"

4.Falcone Family organises large drug trafficking operation.

5.Mario Falcone launches "The Falcone Foundation",scam for money laundering masked as humanitarian foundation.

@WVProgressiveis it good?

Very good thank you. 

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  • WVProgressive changed the title to The Good, The Bad, and The Bat

1. Bruce Wayne makes a bombastic return by holding a corporate dinner/gathering in one of Gothams finest restaurants. Situated inside a 5 Star Hotel. Bruce discusses his new "expansive" ideas for the company. Knowingly suggesting to his fellow associates that they can "profit" off of the crime in Gotham City. It's a put-on of course, as Wayne's close ally, Lucius Fox knows the real plans. Nevertheless, Bruce Wayne makes it clear that he's back, and Wayne Enterprises will be doing what it can to ensure Gotham City remains safe where the police cannot accomplish this: Private Security of key city "assets." 

A key quote from the meeting, Bruce hopes to ensure the swaying of all his associates with this remark, "When dealing with powerful, criminal... elements, one can never be too well prepared. We must ensure Gotham's safety. Thus it's prosperity." 

Oh, and while he's at it... he jumps in a pool with two naked European models. And buys the hotel...


2. In a conversation with Alfred and Lucius, Bruce makes clear that as Batman, he must only go out at night. Batman begins his first task on this night. Finding clues and investigating the robbing of Gotham Bank. Hoping to track down Milos Grapa and put him behind bars on this very night. To send a clear message to the Falcone's that the Bat is coming for them. 

3. Should Batman successfully bring Milos behind bars. He intends to leave a "calling card" on Commissioner Loebs' desk. 

4. Lucius Fox begins building a network/database of criminal activity going on throughout the city using anything ranging from business contacts, to surveillance. Hoping to discover all possible drug rings and other forms of corruption/activity that can be solved by Batman. 

5. The Batman comes out at night on another day and patrols the city for drug ring activity should his network be filled with valuable information. 

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DA Dent establishes anti-corruption unit in the DA's office, hoping to at least lay the groundwork for the future in hopes of getting rid of corruption in the GCPD

DA Dent begins investigation on Detective Arnold Flass for any potential offenses of bribery and corruption

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  1. The Gotham Gazette will report that the City Council's Approval rating has met a historic low.
  2. Alexander Knox will hold an interview with Mayor Borg about the state of the city as he leaves office, to be published in the paper
  3. Gotham Reporters will press the Reagan Administration to redistribute federal funding to the city of Gotham as means of helping to clean up the city.
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1 - Gotham may be a City of broken spirits, but one spirit is riding high. Oswald Cobblepot delivers a rousing and radicalizing speech to a group of vagrants beneath a Gotham city bridge, talking of building a new Gotham city owned by them

2 - Cobblepot has letters delivered to a handful of Falcone's GCPD officers, informing them that they will be exposed if they don't do a few favours, namely, raid one of Falcone's arms deals but make sure next week, but make sure to "lose" some of the weapons. Leave them under a nearby bridge. The letters are signed Penguin

3 - Ozzy contacts a few old pals in Falcone's organization who he feels are trustworthy. There's a reform movement in Gotham City government, and there's soon to be one in the underworld, hop aboard.

4 - Cobblepot plays a sniveling underling while attending some of Falcone's meetings alongside him. Doesn't hurt to know what the competition are up to.

5 - Five people are murdered in downtown Gotham. People nearby recall hearing psychotic laughter around the time that GCPD placed the killing at.

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1. In return for understaffing and purposefully mishandling the investigation into the Gotham Bank robbery, Commissioner Loeb will privately request that the Falcones(@Rodja) begin making hits on those involved in the new investigation against detective Flass, hoping to shake the DA's office off the detective.


2. Commissioner Loab, miffed with Dent's recent actions against the GCPD, will announce the formation of the department's own "anti-corruption unit", stating that the DA's office has no business becoming involved with the operations of the GCPD, and that corruption can be handled in-house. Of course, the unit will have no actual purpose beyond publicity, and Loab will only place a handful of his trusted allies in the police force on it.


3. City Council Chair Hamilton Hill will propose new legislation increasing the GCPD's budget, declaring that the police force must be adequately funded in order to keep Gotham safe and its citizens secure. Hill knows none of this funding will go towards actually fighting crime, but hopes it will make for good publicity for the city council and himself.


4. Along with this, Hamilton will also file to run for Gotham City Mayor, preparing an anti-corruption, pro-police, and quality-of-life centered platform. He will privately assure his donors and allies that these are all just empty words, and will hope to find strong donors in the current allies of the Gotham establishment.(@Rodja, if you would wish to be funding this enterprise to place an ally in office).


5. Commissioner Loab will begin meeting with a series of his officers privately, ensuring that each will stand strong against pressure from the DA's office or the interference of any maniac crime lords running around Gotham.

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Lt. Jim Gordon has a secret meeting in which he rallies his allies in Lt. Bullock, Sgt. Essen, and Officers Merkel and Montoya. He explains to the group that the DA is on their side and that there is now hope for them. He breaks the news that the Commissioner's new anti-corruption unit is nothing more than a front and gives the group their orders to comply with the DA's office and help the DA prosecute all criminals and root out all corruption. Anonymity of the officers has been arranged but they must decrease the power of the corrupt in the GCPD.

Lt. Gordon will next assign Lt. Harvey Bullock to attempt to trail into Loeb's circle in the precinct and try to catch any wafts of corruption before they occur. Best care scenario- he is able to catch wind of any collusion between Loeb and corruption posterboy Hamilton Hill that could seriously damage Hill's campaign.

Finally, Gordon turns the squad loose to do what they do best, fight crime! Sgt. Essen and Officer Merkel work the drug circles, trying to bag criminals to bring safety up and give the people of Gotham a clear view that there are some police who know what they are doing. Office Montoya, on the other hand, is working a new beat about the possible emergence of a rival crime organization to the reigning Falcones after she notices a letter addressed from one "Penguin" in the trashcan of one of her colleagues.

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Results of Turn One:

The Gotham Bank Robbery:

Falcone Family: 15

Old Guard: 2

Batman: 18


The robbery itself is a massive success, with Grapa, and his men being able to grab hundreds of thousands of dollars before escaping, no doubt helped by Loeb’s assistance. As they escape in their getaway car, the mobsters laugh, and celebrate their haul. They’re home free, as they speed down the Gotham streets unmolested. That is, until…

Something lands on top of the mobster’s getaway car, with a loud, hard Thud. “The hell was that?” the driver of the car questions. The mobster in the shotgun seat pulls out a handgun, and rolls down his window, intending to shoot the figure on top of the car. His plans are foiled when the figure on the roof slams his arm down through the window. Then, the figure latched itself onto the front of the car, preventing the driver from seeing the road. It was then that the mobsters could see their attacker: A giant bat, its wings splayed across the car’s windows. The Bat’s eyes… it’s glaring, hating eyes, seemingly glowing in the pale moonlight, are the last thing that the passenger’s in the car can see, before accidentally driving into a section of road that’s under construction.

Milos Grapa, dazed, and confused, is dragged out of his upside-down getaway car by his collar. He is brought face to face with the Bat, and the suddenly the hardened mafia bodyguard turned into a pleading child. “Please, don’t kill me!” he begs to the creature of the night, “I’m not going to kill you, I want you to do me a favor,” the gravely voiced figure tells him, “I want you tell all of your friends about me.” it tells Grapa. “What are you?” the mafioso asks, “I’m Batman.” the creature answers, before dropping Grapa to the cold, wet ground, where he is found hours later by GCPD officers, babbling about being attacked by a giant Bat.



Anti Corruption:

Anti-Corruption Unit: 12

Flass Investigation: 4

Loeb Response: 9

The Meeting: 15

Batman: 19


The DA’s Anti-Corruption Unit is praised by many, but it fails to inspire much hope among the general public, who by-and-large believe that its a useless effort, having been let down by similar efforts before hand. The failures of the past are seen repeating, when the Flass investigation is stalled, witnesses clam up after being ruffed up by crooked cops, evidence is ‘misplaces’, aides are killed, and the investigation goes no where. The GCPD anti-corruption unit is derided by some, but most just shrug their shoulder’s, with one Gothamite stating to the Daily Planet “That’s Gotham for you, nothing ever changes except for the name on the check”

Loeb’s meeting does a good deal to rally his allies within the force, and goes a long way to increase his power within the department. Leaks are kept to a minimum, and everything seems normal in the GCPD. Or so Loeb believes, until one night a wild bat crashes through his office window, and drops a letter onto his desk. The letter is very clear, and direct. The Batman is real, and he’s coming for you. All of you. None of you are safe.


Drug Bust:

Falcone: 19

Good Cops: 19

Batman: 11


The Falcone Crime Family makes a splash in the drug trade, organizing a massive deal with Cuban cocaine suppliers at one of the many hotels they own in Central Gotham. The meeting seems to be going terrifically, until it is broken up by GCPD officer’s Essen, and Merkel. All participants are arrested, though Falcone’s men are able to get off relatively easily due to their connections to GCPD. How did they know where, and when the meeting would take place? It was thanks to the help of the mysterious Batman, who gifted a file of information about the meeting the day before it took place to Sgt. Essen, by breaking into her apartment undetected, and placing it on her dining table. Hey, in Gotham you have to take what you can get when it comes to fighting crime.


Hamilton Hill:

Legislation: 13

Mayoral Run: 6

Bullock: 16


Hill’s police funding bill garners some good press, and gains him support among the less discerning Law&Order crowd, but he overplays his hand by declaring for mayor less than a week after introducing the bill. Everybody, and their mother can see that Hill’s platform is a crock of shit, and he loses any goodwill he got from the police bill, and potentially more. To make matters worse, an unnamed source has leaked details of Hill’s conversations with Gotham’s establishment to the press, cementing the perception of Hill as a two faced, corrupt phony.



Speech: 18 Oswald Cobblepot may come from aristrocratic means, but he’s a hit among Gotham’s common criminal. Despite the month’s many disappointments, Oz can take comfort in the fact that he already has a large, dedicated following of henchmen.

Blackmail: 2 The letters cause the GCPD to howl with laughter, no one takes them seriously, and the only positive to glean from the situation is that ‘the Penguin’ is treated as such a joke that he espaces being seriously investigated.

Turncoats: 1 This was a tremendous failure, not only did all of the men that Cobblepot approached turn down, but they also told The Roman, which leads to...

Meeting: 2 Oswalds sniveling coward routine fails tremendously at Falcone’s meeting. He is stopped at the door, and is beaten within an inch of his life, being spared only because the guards take pity on the funny looking midget.

Montoya Investigation: 9 Montoya doesn’t find much, but perhaps it doesn’t matter, given that ‘the Penguin’, and his crime empire is off to a rough start.


Falcone Family:

Assassination: 16 Luigi Maroni, the Don of Gotham’s second largest crime family, the Maroni Mafia, is assassinated while among his tomato plants. His killer is never identified, and his only son, Marino succeeds him as the leader of the Maroni Mafia.

Alberto: 10 After a number of delays, and being forced to change seats, Sofia Falcone has elected to just stay in Gotham, rather than having the indignity to fly in Coach. Alberto remains at Oxford as a student, desperate to enter the family business that his father has kept him aloof from for his entire life.

Falcone Foundation: 6 Nobody buys it, but a few of the Falcone Family’s rich friends participate iin an attempt to appear philanthropic.



Dinner: 13 ‘Gotham’s Prince’ returns with a bang, and the tabloids are filled with rave reviews of Wayne’s sex appeal, and playboy lifestyle. Elsewhere, the financial magazines discuss the pros, and cons of Bruce’s plan for private security, and wonder whether he can actually fulfill his expansive ideals for his parent’s company. No body would ever guess that Bruce Wayne is, in reality Gotham’s newest vigilante, the Batman.

Database: 15 The database is a great success, and will certainly help Batman’s War on Crime. In fact, it’s likely more complete, and more effective than the GCPD database!


Gotham Gazette:

Approval: 8 Everybody already knows that the City Council is reviled, and the Gotham public feels as if they don’t need to buy a paper just to find out what they already know.

Knox: 14 Knox gives a frank, honest interview, something that’s a rarity for Gotham politics. The interview is a breath of fresh air for Gothamites, and sees a bump in sales for the Gazette, and sees Knox’s newsman stock rise.

Reagan: 2 Reagan blows off the Gazette Reporters to do an interview with the Daily Planet. What does this, Clark Kent, guy have that we don’t!?



Murders: 11 The murders become a small item of news for a day, or two, but are quickly overshadowed by other, more eye catching happenings, not least of which is the appearance of the mysterious ‘Bat-man’


Meter Updates for turn two will be posted tomorrow evening!

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1 - An anonymous letter is sent to the office of the DA, in it are a list of cops who are on Falcone's payroll. Not all of them, but a handful of the ones who didn't obey the Penguin's letter.

2 - Oswald Cobblepot meets with Marino Maroni, telling him all he knows about the Falcone operation. He simply asks for an appropriate reward in return.

3 - Cobblepot sends some of his henchman to attack the two Falcone men who beat him up. After their shifts of course. Revenge is a dish best served immediately.

4 - Oswald reaches out to some of his arms contacts. He's interested in making a deal, not as big as his orders for the Falcone's but a small personal arsenal.

5 - A threatening letter is sent to The Roman. The letter is an erratic piece, full of foul language and threats. The longer threats seem to devolve into fits of foul language written in a near illegible manner. Regardless, the threats are disturbingly graphic and at the end there is a single haunting line. The Roman Empire fell, as will The Roman's Empire - P

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DA Dent meets with doners in preparation for his run for Mayoral campaign

DA Dent launches investigation against known Corrupt GCPD officials

DA Dent announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor

"It's time to clean up Gotham. There will be law and order in this city. We will root out corruption and take on the mob. I hope that you will all come on and join our campaign to fix our city."

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