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Who would you have supported if you voted in the Czech election?


Czech Post-Election Poll  

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  1. 1. Who would you have voted for?

    • ANO 2011 (Populist, Center to Center-right)
    • SPOLU (Liberal Conservatism, Christian Democracy, Center to Right wing)
    • Pirates and Mayors (Pirate Politics, Localism, Center-left to Center (Pirates) & Center to Center-right (Mayors)
    • SPD (Right wing Populist, Right-wing to Far-right)
    • Communist Party (Communist, Left-wing to Far-left)
    • Czech Social Democratic Party (Social Democracy, Center-left)
    • Přísaha (Centre, Anti-corruption, Populism, Catch-all)
    • Tricolour–Svobodní–Soukromníci (Centre-right to Right-wing, Euroscepticism)
    • Free Bloc (Ultranationalism, Social Conservatism, Right Wing Populism, Euroscepticism, Far-right)
    • Green Party (Green Politics, Social Liberalism, Pro-Europeanism, Center-left)
    • Other

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34 minutes ago, Timur said:

I expected that. Plus, while I would vote SPOLU, I have a soft spot for the Pirates because of their anti-corruption & support for copyright reform.

Yarrrr. My support for the Pirates was only amplified by the fact that they partnered with STAN, since I am a big fan of localism

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