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Towards a Presidential Ranking


Towards a Presidential Ranking  

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  1. 1. Which of the following should be considered when evaluating a president's ranking?

    • Their experience, education, and life previous to their presidency
    • Their experience, education, and life after their presidency
    • Their party leadership
    • Their communication ability/Public persuasion
    • Their relations with Congress
    • Their appointments to the Supreme Court
    • The economy during their presidency
    • Their ability to make compromises
    • Their risk-taking ability
    • Their executive branch appointments
    • Their ability to project a clear vison for the country/agenda setting
    • Their domestic accomplishments
    • Their personal integrity/moral authority
    • Their foreign policy accomplishments/International relations
    • Their leadership ability
    • Their ability to avoid crucial mistakes
    • Expert views on the president
    • Overall, miscellaneous ability
    • Their administrative/executive skills
    • Their Constitutional Adherence
    • Their avoidance of administrative misconduct (scandal avoidance)
    • Pursuing equal justice for all.
    • Popularity during their presidency
    • Increase/decrease in Congress for their party
    • Whether they won reelection or renomination
    • Ability as commander-in-chief (avoiding "unnecessary wars" and handling of "necessary wars")
    • How ideological they are (*Note: this would make the poll more biased)
    • Their deficit spending
    • Other (mention below)
  2. 2. What do you think is the best way to rank a president?

    • Weigh every category equally
    • Weigh things unequally (elaborate below)

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I put "other" because I'm sure I'm forgetting something. 

I think things that should be weighed more are things that are more likely to have a crisis that will impact everyone. They'd be 1st tier. Second tier would be categories that might not necessarily be a crisis that can impact everyone but can be something that leaves a lasting legacy. The last tier would be categories that tend to only be bound to their time or just soon after. 

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My primary interest in a President' ranking would be around their domestic and foreign accomplishments, especially in a crisis or avoiding a potential crisis.  All of the other things I checked are just items that would enable a President to have significant domestic and foreign accomplishments.

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