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Hungarian Election 2022


Hungarian Election 2022  

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  1. 1. Who would you vote for?

    • Fidesz-KDNP
    • United Opposition
    • Two-tailed Dog Party
    • Our Homeland Movement
    • Other

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Curious what happens if the Two-tailed dog party miraculously wins seats...

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58 minutes ago, Patine said:

A, "United Opposition," is normally a sign of political desperation that's usually found in Post-Soviet Party of Power States and Emerging Democracies, to point this out...

Yes, because they have little other choice since the government controls the media, the judiciary, and other powerful levers in the country. Uniting is the only way to take them down.

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1 hour ago, Patine said:

This, along with Japan, is a First World Nation with a worse electoral system for real choice of leaders and political culture than the United States, one of very few... 😛

I kinda like the Japanese electoral system for the House of Representatives. FPTP constituencies and PR blocks.

And for the Councillors it's pretty interesting too. Two member districts, so first and second place are elected along with PR list for the remaining seats.

The problem is that the Japanese voters tends to be unpredictable which leads to some unpredictable scenarios and most of the time they stick with the LDP because of stability.

The 1994 electoral reform was certainly something that replaced an even worse system of Multi member constituencies where the LDP would run several candidates against itself lol.

And combined with the fact that left wing parties are rarely united in Japan, even when the DPJ was in power in 2009-2012 it still had its own divisions. Just like the anti LDP coalition of 1994 but that one is much more complex and interesting in my opinion lol.

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