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The Battle of the Billionaire Bogeymen


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George Soros/Tom Steyer - Bogeymen of the Conservatives

Charles Koch/Donald Trump - Bogeyman of the Liberals

John D. Rockefeller/Bill Gates - Bogeyman of the Conspiracy Theorists


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Just now, Patine said:

A political party is NOT going to blatantly call itself the Conspiracy Theorists, and then proceed to get 103 votes. And Soros was born in Hungary to expatriot, but former Hungarian citizen parents, to boot...

Also, Rockefeller is dead. And, no the party is not called conspiracy theorists. It's just that Bill Gates and John Rockefeller (not to mention the Rothschilds) are favorite bogeymen of conspiracy theorists (maybe I should have the capitals), but this just for fun.

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Funny thing is that the campaign with the least money won...quite ironical in a battle of billionaires.

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