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Thoughts on a USA 1948 Roleplay?


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I already have a master spreadsheet set up from a long time ago, and with Christmas Break coming up I’m considering kicking off the RP if there is enough interest. It would likely run similarly to the 1968 RP, and would go for as long as people were interested. The pacing would likely be slower, turns would probably be less than daily and maybe even once weekly depending on how my schedule would allow (but faster paced during break seasons). Let me know if you all would like an RP like this, and if so any ideas you have. I’ll probably spend a little time thinking it over before I make any plans, but if we have enough players I don’t see why not.

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On 11/25/2021 at 9:27 AM, WVProgressive said:

I’d be interested. Can I have Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party?

If there are enough players interested and available to do the RP then you can have the Progressive Party. You’ll be free to run candidates from the American Labor Party and Farmer Labor Party under the Progressive Ticket too if you wish.

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15 hours ago, Sean F Kennedy said:

Give me Hubert Humphrey! I want to shape his career from the start.

Alright, you can have the Liberal Democrats then. Depending on how many players are interested you may also be given the DemProg faction.

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Here is the current faction situation. We now have enough players for 1948RP to be a go, and the start date will be mid December. If there aren't any takers for the last two openings by then, Dobs and Timur can have both the cons and paleos of their respective parties. Stay tuned!


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