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I’m trying to make a list of who I will contact once the KS is released. This is what I got:

- Contact political and history departments at universities. Also will write to specific professors because they may be more likely to share the KS than a secretary. 

- Contact political, history, and historian organizations/institutes.

- Contacting friends 

- Contacting relevant gaming and non-gaming message boards and forums. 

- Finding people the follow/like games on politics or us history and whom seem very active. Will probably also write those inactive. 

Would appreciate any other suggestions. Will also appreciate you all reaching out to message boards/forums/friends etc when the KS is out. Also share the Twitter, FB, and blog sites for AMPU. 

@MrPotatoTed @Cal @ConservativeElector2 @DakotaHale @Hestia @Rezi @Rodja @WVProgressive @jvikings1 and anyone else. 

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