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AMPU How to open a fundraising email


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One difficulty, as I'm someone that has never asked for money in my life (aside from signing up for financial aid for school), is how to open an email requesting strangers to donate money. Here are some ideas: 

  • "Have I got a deal for you!!! Donate to this kickstarter to see why! "
  • "Dear Sir/Madam. I am a prince in need of donations to my kickstarter."
  • "How are you finances? They're fine. Donate to this kickstarter."
  • "The day you've long waited for has arrived. Donate to this kickstarter."
  • "Let us, therefore, brace ourselves for our duty. And this duty is to donate to my kickstarter."
  • "What's he that wishes so? My cousin Westmoreland? No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England. Wish to donate to my kickstarter."
  • "Not less because in purple I descended. So, donate to my kickstarter."
  • "Pay attention, reader--This email will change your life! Donate to my kickstarter."
  • "You are hungry and naked! The Government owes you much but can give you nothing! The patience and courage which you have displayed among these rocks are admirable, but they bring you no glory–not a glimmer falls upon you. I will lead you into the most fertile plains on Earth. Donate to my kickstarter!"


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I am once again...asking for your financial support for this dope history game. 😛 

Bernie Sanders Revived Meme From 2019 Campaign to Push Vaccinations

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3 minutes ago, Rezi said:

Ducking based as shit

We must be up to 10 drinks now that you're disagreeing with a Bernie Sanders meme!!! 😛

Jk jk jk 😛 



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