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33 minutes ago, Patine said:

The Conservatives are only top right now because of their Brexit triumph. Wait until the honeymoon is over and the non-EU trade and labour-law-empowered corporate aristocrats start pushing working conditions, protections, and rights, consumer protections and guarantees, and industrialist liberties back toward the Industrial Revolution (like they're doing in the U.S.), and Labour will rebound. Mark my words!

ok boomer 😛


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2 hours ago, Patine said:

Generation X, thank-you. My parents were boomers.

But this response shows you've made a bold declaration, are given a counter-statement, but probably have no coherent argument to defend the point, so just think dismissing it with a juvenile quip ends the conversation and somehow keeps your initial statement, "valid and correct." Where do people learn to discuss these matters in this manner nowadays? Even modern politicians are infected with this form of idiocy...

Patine, this is the reason he said, "ok boomer", to you. There are times when you can lighten up a little and steer away from making serious responses to someone who is obviously just having fun and messing around. 

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