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Updated AMPU Politician Values


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This is a big change. I've done the following: 

1. Recalibrated how I weigh draft value.

2. Created Historic stats and abilities for politicians for when they are active at other start dates.

3. Created a historic value, which is what their value is historically. 

Here are two lists: 

The Top 20 Politicians by Draft Value (i.e. how strong they are when they are about 25 years old)

Henry Clay
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
John Jay
Benjamin Lincoln
James Madison
Franklin D Roosevelt
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
John Adams
Richard Nixon
John Marshall
Andrew Jackson
Lewis Cass
William Seward
John Hancock
Thomas McKean
Lyndon B Johnson
John C Calhoun

The Top 20 Politicians by Historical Value (i.e. how strong they are if you select a start date for the game after their draft year)

Henry Clay
Andrew Jackson
Theodore Roosevelt
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
Lyndon B Johnson
Robert La Follette
John Quincy Adams
John C Calhoun
Franklin D Roosevelt
Salmon P Chase
James Monroe
William Jennings Bryan
Lewis Cass
Newt Gingrich
Barack Obama
James G Blaine
Rufus King
Earl Warren
Huey P Long


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