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Welcome all! A lot of the information enclosed is in the 2010 UK Spreadsheet - 


as well as in the UK 2010 guidelines - https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Ocmi49B8ittWuEGOB_ISnEHlRm7qR0GVpYJflinTaQ/edit

Those two documents are the most important things to pay attention to as you play. Right now, all you need to do is submit what you want to play as. Right now, there are three factions of Labour and Tories open, as well as one for the Lib Dems, UKIP, and the SNP. If we get enough, the Greens and an additional slot of the Lib Dems may be opened. This is in quick shot format in the fact that you aren't graded on effort, but you can put as much or as little as you like 🙂 I just ask you be relatively timely with responses, but I understand during school those times will change. During break though, I'll hope for at least a post once every other day or three days. 

We will be starting with the election of 2010. Here is some background courtesy of Wikipedia! 😛


The governing Labour Party campaigned to secure a fourth consecutive term in office, and to restore support lost since 2001.[8] The Conservative Party sought to gain a dominant position in British politics after losses in the 1990s, and to replace Labour as the governing party. The Liberal Democrats hoped to make gains from both sides and hoped to hold the balance of power in a hung parliament. Since the televised debates between the three leaders, their poll ratings had risen to the point where many considered the possibility of a Liberal Democrat role in Government.[9] Polls just before election day saw a slight swing from the Liberal Democrats back to Labour and Conservatives, with the majority of final polls falling within one point of Conservatives 36%, Labour 29%, Liberal Democrats 23%.[10][11] However, record numbers of undecided voters raised uncertainty about the outcome.[12][13] The Scottish National Party, encouraged by their victory in the 2007 Scottish parliament elections, set itself a target of 20 MPs and was hoping to find itself holding a balance of power.[14] Equally, Plaid Cymru sought gains in Wales. Smaller parties which had had successes at local elections and the 2009 European elections (UK Independence Party, Green Party, British National Party) looked to extend their representation to seats in the House of Commons. The Democratic Unionist Party looked to maintain, if not extend, its number of seats, having been the fourth-largest party in the House of Commons.

Also included is the rules and guidelines for elections:

Elections - General Election

General elections will take place scheduled every 5 years or called by the Prime Minister. If the Fixed Term Parliaments Act passes, they can be called early by votes of no confidence or by votes to dissolve Parliament. During election periods, the two major parties have 5 events between three factions - they can post as a group or individually. The Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and the Greens (should all be filled) get 3 events each as more minor parties. The SNP and Plaid Cymru (if combined) get 3 as well. If they are separate, they get 2. These events are used to campaign in areas of the United Kingdom. It is important you use these terms when campaigning as it is easiest for me to go back and forth with the spreadsheet.


North East

North West

Yorkshire and the Humber


West Midlands

East Midlands


South West


South East

There will be 10 turns to each election with at least three debates held on turns 3, 7 and 9. An additional Scottish debate may be held as time goes on. 

Let the claiming begin! 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Hestia said:

Would you be interested in potentially taking the SNP or Plaid along with it? There may not be a ton of opportunities for the Greens for a little while. 

Sure! I assume I’d be splitting events 1 each for SNP Plaid and the Greens?

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1 minute ago, WVProgressive said:

Sure! I assume I’d be splitting events 1 each for SNP Plaid and the Greens?

If you wanted, Greens and SNP would probably be plenty on your plate 🙂 I can just do Plaid separately probably 😄 . You could probably do 2 events for the SNP and 2 events for the Greens, if that makes sense - for elections at least. 

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51 minutes ago, Hestia said:

If you wanted, Greens and SNP would probably be plenty on your plate 🙂 I can just do Plaid separately probably 😄 . You could probably do 2 events for the SNP and 2 events for the Greens, if that makes sense - for elections at least. 

I could do Plaid Cymru and all those Northern Irish parties...

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10 minutes ago, Hestia said:

If you wanted, Plaid and either DUP/Sinn Fein could be workable? You'd get 2 events each. 

I'll take Plaid and DUP.

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3 minutes ago, Hestia said:

We just really need the Labour Soft Left and the Tory Left/One Nationers (think Amber Rudd, Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke, etc.)

Have room for a Sinn Fein?

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1 minute ago, Hestia said:

Like with Timur/WVP, would you want to do a Soft Left/Sinn Fein combo move? As a non parliamentary party, they may not have as much to do...ever 😄 

💣 ?


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Welcome to the Election of 2010!

Our factions and party players are as follows:

Labour Left: @Fbarbarossa - Labour gets 5 events total 

Soft Left: @Rezi

New Labour: @Edouard

Tory Left/One Nationers: @Kitten - Tories get 5 events total

Mainstream Tories: @Pringles

Tory Right/Thatcherites: @Dobs

Liberal Democrats: @The Blood - Liberal Democrats get 3 events

SNP: @WVProgressive - SNP gets 2 events

UKIP: @jvikings1 - UKIP gets 3 events

Greens: @WVProgressive - Greens get 2 events

Plaid Cymru: @Timur - Plaid gets 2 events

DUP: @Timur - DUP gets 2 events

Sinn Fein: @Rezi - Sinn Fein gets 2 events

How this works:

The two major parties that have to split events should decide how they want to do this. There will be 10 turns total for this election cycle. You can decide to split the events pretty much however you want. I'd recommend a party-wide group chat to decide and to just generally communicate. 2/2/1 is probably typical, and alternating, otherwise people can do all the events one turn, then someone does all of them the next, etc. It isn't as important that everyone does the same amount because you're campaigning broadly for the party rather than your own faction in this case - especially since you're campaigning in regions rather than individual seats. 

This is the beginning of turn 1. 

Polling for the United Kingdom -

Conservatives - 39%

Labour - 32%

Liberal Democrats - 20%

UKIP - 2%

SNP - 2%

Greens - 1%

Plaid Cymru - 0%

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Now BB1 with David Dimbleby

David Dimbleby : We have to interrupt our programs for a speech by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the 10 Downing Street.

Gordon Brown resignation statement | Gordon Brown | The Guardian


My fellow citizens.

This year 2010 is a year of turning points. It is the year in which our country faces important choices.
Since 1997 the UK health budget has exploded, rising by an average of 13% per year. Public schools have received grants like never before, the minimum wage has finally come into being. And at the same time, economic prosperity has been consistently assured. We were not afraid to recruit more police officers to fight organised crime.
At a time of crisis when we have managed to stabilise the country's economy, it is time for the British people to make a choice.
Should we move forward with a strong government, with assertive leadership, which has already weathered the crisis, which has a plan to ensure economic recovery in the years ahead without sacrificing health or education, a government which will be relentless on immigration and security, a government which is able to hold the country together from Dover to Edinburgh, but a government which knows what new civil liberties the country expects and in particular, same sex marriage.

Or do you want a Tory government that you have rejected by a majority three times, a Tory government that would oppose any reform of the ballot box, a Tory government that is unclear on its societal and environmental positions, a Tory government that will effectively cut health spending. A Conservative government that will be most divided, especially on the European issue. This is the question you will have to answer, my dear citizens.


General election 2010: 'Why is Gordon Brown coming to see the Queen? Is he  in trouble for something?' | General election 2010 | The Guardian

LABOUR CONFERENCE: How Gordon Brown melted the Queen's heart | Daily Mail  Online

David Dimbleby : A very direct speech from Prime Minister Brown, a new election has began following dissolution of parliament.

BBC - Press Office - BBC election night and campaign audience figures

Gordon Brown makes his first speech in Scotland where his constituency is

Gordon Brown denies approving cystic fibrosis story - BBC News

Unity of the nation speech.

Gordon Brown The Scots are a proud people of Great Britain. In 1997 we expelled the Tories from the region because they refused local self-government and imposed severe cuts in the welfare of too many of us.
Scots are social democrats, they are against private health and education, that is why there is only one Tory MP in the region. That's why only the Labour Party can really hold the country together, because we bring together socialists and liberals and develop policies that the majority of British people agree with.


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England is restless, change is coming | openDemocracy

Socialist MP Jon Trickett speaks for Brown on the campaign

This election is a chance for real change for Britain. Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister we've all been waiting for, take it from me. In the past few years we've seen the cracks appear in the facade of New Labour and seen Tony Blair for how he really is, how a lot of us on the left have always seen him.

But now the Blair era is over and hopefully the Brown one can begin. I know a lot of people on the left have a similar opinion of Brown as they had Blair but believe me when I say he's a different man. He's a good friend of mine, I've been his Parliamentary Private Secretary since 2008 and I can assure you that Brown has the best interest of the British people at heart.

When my friend John McDonnell ran against Brown for the leadership he pledged the bring Old Labour and New Labour together, to save the Government from itself and form Real Labour. Well, Brown may not have vocalised it but I think he's on track to do just that, in this crucial moment the Labour Party needs to unite and combine our ideas to really prosper and continue our nation down the path of growth. We need a real Labour Party with a diversity of ideas to do that and with Brown at the helm I trust we can.



Socialist Campaign Group Founder and Former MP Tony Benn speaks on the Election

This election is pivotal. after thirteen years in Opposition the Tories are once again approaching Government. And it's at a time like this we must really look back and think, what is the legacy of the Conservative Party? It is one of scandal, cuts to our services and punishment to our working man. 

Now, I understand the dissatisfaction with the Blair era but we must note that his era is over. We have a new Prime Minister who has the potential to restore our Party. I was on the front benches under Harold Wilson, a man not to unlike Brown. Wilson was on our party's Soft Left, but his cabinet was one of ideological diversity, one of unity and his governments were ones of great reform, great prosperity, and of course our victory in the world cup.

Brown has the opportunity to be a Prime Minister with a legacy, one who can unite our party and forge a consensus, something that Blair was unable to do. This isn't something we want to lose. Without a strong consensus the Tories will roll over any good we may have done. We need to have a few more years with a Prime Minister who can achieve a consensus. So I'm beseeching you to please vote Labour this election, it is something we need.

And, we do also have a world cup this year.

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Event 1: Lord Pearson kicks off UKIP's campaign cycle in South West England speaking about the need to protect British workers from excessive immigration levels.

Event 2: Former Leader Nigel Farage kicks off his campaign against the Speaker in South East England. He speaks on the need to take on the elitist establishment.

Event 3: David Campbell Bannerman (Deputy Leader of UKIP) campaigns in East of England on the need to prevent further integration into the European Union.

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Plaid Cymru (the Party of Wales) will begin their campaign in Wales (where else?)

Plaid Cymru will campaign for further devolution for Wales.


The DUP will start their campaign in Northern Ireland.

The DUP will distribute leaflets that make Sinn Fein (and Sinn Fein's leader Gerry Adams) look as evil as possible.

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Soft Left:

Ed Miliband will hold an event in North West England focusing on the strengthening of Unions and lowering unemployment with making stronger and more blue collar jobs available in the area.


Sinn Fein

  1. Party Leader Gerry Adams holds a rally in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can hear him screaming about the need for devolution and for a reunited Ireland.
  2. Party Vice-President Mary Lou McDonald attends a gala in which she meets with wealthy Irish businessmen and does her best to convince them of how a reunited Ireland would expand economic prosperity.
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