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Hillary Clinton 2024


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Definitely a bad sign for Democrats if their best shot is Hilary Clinton of all people. She was probably their worst shot in 2016.

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15 minutes ago, Patine said:


I didn't vote for him. And he wasn't the only one on the ballot who could have won. DEFLECTION POINT DEFEATED AND RENDERED IRRELEVANT!

So not voting for someone makes them not your prime minster? So Biden or Trump's presidency's aren't embarrassing because I voted 3rd party? I'm not sure why the you not voting for him matters

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1 minute ago, Patine said:

Not quite. I admire the conviction of anyone who votes Third Party in a U.S. election where the two main parties both turn out wretched candidates. And, I'm not saying Trudeau is not the legitimately-elected PM of Canada. My point was that @DakotaHale and @jvikings1 were using Trudeau being my PM as a counter instead of wanting to face the fact that the U.S. electoral machine had their last two Presidential elections, and potentially a third, with two wretched candidates turned out by both major parties - no doubt what drove you to vote 3rd Party - and just lambast and ridicule my PM instead of admitting their might be some problems to address on the home front. Does that clear things up?


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3 hours ago, Patine said:

Ah, I see. I'd forgotten about that, and I wasn't even sure if he was a formal candidate and not just considering it. The 1996, 2000, and 2004 Reform Party Primaries and Convention were notably very low profile (around a party pushing for Government transparency and electoral law reform, no less), even compared to the Libertarian, Green, and U.S. Taxpayers/Constitution Primaries and Conventions in those same years. In fact, only a small number of Americans were even aware Ross Perot had five formal Primary challengers in his own party in 1996 - including a former Governor of Colorado. The vast majority believed, and assumed, at the time, he had been unopposed and acclaimed, I didn't even know until I started researching the election for my 1996 scenario for P4E2008 - by first Presidential, and third overall 270soft custom scenario I made, after I first signed onto Anthony's site in 2007.

Five? I thought there was only one.

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