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AMPU sounds and music


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2 minutes ago, Rezi said:

I’d certainly like some level of background music unlike President Infinity. Given our resources, I would probably expect it to be a few different ambient tracks in the background like The Political Process. 

I’m wondering if each era can have its own tracks. Europa Universalis 2 did this. 

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I'm fine with some beeps and clicks but as for music, classical music would be fine I suppose but for me at least, I'm going to have my Spotify open while playing games just as I do for other games, unless its story driven atmospheric games, so yeah... to each their own I guess. 

Music isn't too important for me really. 


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I’d like to see different tracks for war. 

Maybe a different track while election results roll in.

Some army yelling or gun clicking sounds while military results roll in.

Maybe congressional chatter and a gavel clicking for bills being passed. 

Maybe some cool audios during the draft. If the hidden gems and busts mechanic is included some sound effects for that would be cool. 

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I think it'd be cool to have music for each different era, But it should all be instrumental style music, just different ones throughout history. But also don't know if it's worth the effort, since I am someone that just turns the game sound off and play music in the background.

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