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Fbroia - The Evolution of a Nation


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Fbroia is at a time of transition.

Four years ago the great war ended and freedom came about. Up until four years ago Frbroia had been under the grips of a brutal dictatorship, but now that has ended. During the Great War the Hero General Ralph de Steinberg pulled back his forces from the front and returned to Frbroia in a successful attempt to overthrow the Autocratic regime.  

Over the last four years Frbroia has undergone democratization with the establishment of a legislature and the end of autocratic entrenchment.

The System of Frbroia:

The Nation is jointly Governed by a Legislature with a Chancellor and a directly elected President.

Presidential Powers:

The President can call a legislatorial election whenever they see fit, though there must be one at least every four years.

Veto or sack a Chancellor whenever seen fit.

Veto legislation. There is currently no way to overturn a veto.

Three times per term they may issue an emergency act, an act bypassing the legislature. With the assent of 2/3s of the legislature three more emergency acts may be issued.

With 2/3s of the legislature assenting the President can assume complete control

Other Executive Powers

Legislature - The National Council

Controls the passage of bills

Headed by a Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor - Must be approved by a majority of the Legislature and the President

Chancellor's vote is worth five votes. Deputy Chancellor's is worth three.


The Legislature is elected via Proportional Representation and must have an election at least once every four years.

The President is elected in a two round system, serves fixed six year terms.



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