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2019 Canadian Election - Quickshot


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Hello good folks

Following the fun of Bloods Canada 2021 I decided to run a quickshot. After inputting various elections into a decision wheel 2019 came out!

Now, here's the fun part. I'm not going to write a preamble.


Because I'm going to let you choose your leaders first. So, pick the party you want to play and then decide who'll lead them in the election!

Happy Pickings!

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Ah hell, the NDP is already taken, so I might as well go for something insane, and out there. Can I get the Peoples Party of Canada led by Prof. Jordan B. Peterson?

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Of course, I'd be tempted to run the Rhinoceros Party with the other Maxime Bernier as their leader and run somebody with the same name as Jordan Peterson in Jordan Peterson's residence.

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