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Star Wars: Between Revenge and Hope


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The Galaxy is in turmoil.

The Republic has fallen and has given way to the rise of the Empire. The Jedi order have been declared traitors and those who have not been killed are scattered to the wind, a high bounty sits atop their heads. 

Across the new Empire things are unstable as the flame of Democracy has dwindled but is far from extinguished. Some openly rebel against the Emperor while some sit clandestinely supporting the rebels.

On the other hand the Empire preach stability and a strong economy brings the people to their fold. The people feel safe in their grip as crime plummets.

But, many ask - What from here?


Welcome to the Star Wars RP! I will be taking much inspiration from The Batman RP for this! So pick your factions and happy battling!


The Galactic Empire @Rodja

Major Figures: The Emperor, Darth Vader

The Rebellion @Sean F Kennedy and @The Blood

Major Figures: Gial Ackbar, Ashoka Tano

The Clandestine Rebels @Hestia

Major Figures: Bail Organa, Mon Mothma

Smugglers @Rezi

Major Figures: Han Solo, Chewbacca

The Jedi Remnants @WVProgressive

Major Figures: Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda

Crimson Dawn @jvikings1

Major Figures: Maul, Dryden Vos

Hutt Space @Kitten

Major Figures: Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett


These factions are guidelines, if you would like to play something different please say, and these major figures are not all of your factions figures, they're examples.


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I’ll take Crimson Dawn.

And one question too: Since Maul is a key figure, is the rest of the shadow collective (the loose alliance including the Pykes) included?

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19 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

And one question too: Since Maul is a key figure, is the rest of the shadow collective (the loose alliance including the Pykes) included?

You would have the Pykes and the Black Sun but the other parts of the Shadow Collective are not with Crimson Dawn. Unless you manage to recruit them

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Very little preamble as much has been stated. But I will introduce you to the meters!

Public Perception of the Empire (50/100)

Public Perception of the Rebellion (50/100)

Public Perception of the Jedi (30/100)

Public Perception of Law and Order (65/100)

Galactic Economy (70/100)

Public Unrest (50/100)

Quality of Life (55/100)


Without further ado. Turn one is on!

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(1/5 Old Ben Kenobi) The hooded man shifted through the Tatooine crowd, a ghost among the living. A young togruta male bumped into a gruff, older Lutrillian. The Lutrillian promptly shoved the togruta to the ground, and beat him mercilessly.  The rest of the crowd walked past, or even over, the scuffle, as it was an all to common occurrence on the desert planet. The man stopped, and watched the struggle for a moment before moving on. There was a time, once, when he would have intervened, a knight in shining armor there to save the day. "Did you hear what happened on Coruscant?" a twi'lek woman asked her friend, "Yes, I can't believe the Jedi would try to assassinate the chancellor!" the twi's human friend answered. But those days are dead, buried in the ashes of the Jedi Temple. 

The man creaked open the door to the small general merchant's shop. "Look, if your with the Hutts, tell 'em that I don't care how many thugs he sends my way - I ain't giving him my store!" the shop owner said as the man entered. "If that's how you great customers, perhaps I should try a different general store." the man remarked, to which the shop owner replied, "Hey, come on, could be anyone under that hood, I'm just sick of these trouble makers busting up my store." The man walked to the counter, "I'm not looking for trouble," he began, "I'm looking for supplies." he said, "Well you're in the right place, we even got a shipment of spices in from Ryloth just last week." the shop owner eagerly pitched.

"Do you accept Republic Credits?" the man asked, clinking a few credits onto the counter in front of him, "I suppose," the owner said, "Aren't those a bit old though?" he asked. Before the man could answer, the door to the shop was kicked in. A group of low level gang-bangers wearing the telltale signs of the Hutt organization walked in. "You ready to pay the protection money you owe us, or do we have to beat it outta you?" the leader of the group asked. "I'm not paying you anything!" the owner refused, "Now get out of here, I got a sale going on!" he demanded.

The leader walked up next to the hooded man, and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Trust me fella, you don't wanna buy from this guy." he warned, "His whole shop is gonna be smashed up in a few minutes." he threatened. The figure stood stiff, and silent for a moment, before telling the man, "That's not going to happen, but your arm will be broken in a few seconds." The leader huffed, "What did you just say to me?" he asked. The hooded man socked the Hutt Lt. in his gut, causing his hood to fall, and reveal a middle-aged man with auburn hair. The man then took the Hutt Lt's arm in his hands, and twisted, before turning his attention to the remaining Hutt toadies.

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10 hours ago, Fbarbarossa said:


Very little preamble as much has been stated. But I will introduce you to the meters!

Public Perception of the Empire (50/100)

Public Perception of the Rebellion (50/100)

Public Perception of the Jedi (30/100)

Public Perception of Law and Order (65/100)

Galactic Economy (70/100)

Public Unrest (50/100)

Quality of Life (55/100)


Without further ado. Turn one is on!

How many moves per turn?

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1.Emperor Palpatine orders all parts of galaxy to be searched for potential rebels to be raided.

2.Darth Vader will attempt to invade Tatooine with his fellow stormtroopers.

3.Emperor tries to mobilize Muuns to join the empire as financial advisors.

4.Emperor orders the arrest of Han Solo,as he intends to blackmail him to join the dark side.

5.Emperor will give a speech portraying himself as a symbol of stability and rebels as thugs in the galaxy 

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(2/5 Sacrifice on Kaller) The young Padawan Caleb Dume ran through the snowy underbrush of Kaller, tears stinging his eyes. He remembered the words of Master Billapa as she defended against the traitorous clones. "Go, I'll be right behind you." she had ordered, Dume knew she was lying. He fell to his knees exhausted from his sprint, and contemplated allowing the snow to envelop him. "He's around here somewhere, spread out, and find him!" a clone sergeant told his men. Dume rose to his feet, there was no time to rest. His first priority was to evade the soldiers currently hunting him down, and then eventually find a way to get off of Kaller. He decided to risk going to Plateau City, in order to find someone who would agree to smuggle him off planet.

(3/5 Refuge on Kashyyyk)During the Clone War, Jedi Knights Mallie, and Kento Marek fell in love, and married in secret. Their emotional attachments forbidden by the Jedi Order the two married in secret, and renounced the Order, going into self-imposed exile on Kashyyyk. When Order 66 was issued, this exile saved the couple from the horrors of the Great Jedi Purge, with the pair being protected by the native Wookie population. Now after the birth of their son Galen, the Mareks have chosen to join the Wookies in their fight for liberty from the empire.

(4/5 Raging Rahm) As the clones turned on their Jedi Generals, Master Rahm Kato, famous among his colleagues for eschewing the traditional clone armies for a handpicked militia of natural humans, took little comfort in the fact that his distrust of clone soldiers saved his life. After escaping from the devastation of Order 66, Jedi Master Rahm Kato, and his militia took refuge on the planet D'Qar in the Outer Rim. Kato gave a speech to all his soldiers, thanking them for their service through the Clone Wars, and asking that they join him in establishing a permanent base on D'Qar that they would use to launch attacks against the new Empire. His hand picked militia, though small in number, was battle hardened after years of fighting the separatists, and Kato had all the confidence in the galaxy that if their will persevered though the current crisis, then they would be a massive thorn in the Empire's side.

(5/5 Record Keeping) 501st Legion clone troopers patrolled the burning Jedi Temple, as Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives Jocasta Nu attempted to sneak in. Her mission objective was two fold; 1. Retrieve as much Jedi data from the archives as she possibly can, in the hopes that it can be used to start a New Jedi Order; and 2. Destroy/hide any, and all data that she is unable to evacuate in an effort to deprive the Empire of the Archives' vast wealth of knowledge. In her golden years, and always more of a scholar than a warrior, Nu relied on stealth to complete her mission, hoping that she would not have to fight through waves of clone troopers to get to the archives.

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3 hours ago, jvikings1 said:

How many moves per turn?

I believe its 5 events per turn, since @Fbarbarossamentioned that he's taking some inspiration from my Batman RP.

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Jabba will throw an extravagant party in his Palace where he will attempt to gain even more influence in the Outer Rim underworld

Jabba prepares his men for the invasion of Tatooine

Jabba will purchase weapons for his men

Jabba will meet with Black Sun representatives and perhaps negotiate a trade deal between his organization and them

Jabba will buy more slaves for personal uses

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1. Dryden Vos travels to Coruscant level 1313 to recruit gangsters to Crimson Dawn.

2. Maul visits the Pyke leadership to plan an expansion of their spice operation.

3. Qi'ra visits the Hut base on Tatooine with the intention of promoting good faith between the organizations.

4. Maul visits Ziton Moj (leader of the Black Sun) to ensure the survival of the slavery business. He warns him of a potential imperial crackdown (due to his knowledge of who Darth Vader really is, though he does not reveal this to Moj).

5. Dryden Vos meets with prominent black-market dealers to ensure that Crimson Dawn has a strong presence in the upcoming illegal weapons trade.

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  1. Chewbacca will enlist his wookie friend from Kashyyyk, Tarful, to become an ally of himself and Han Solo, working together to gain the most money.
  2. Han Solo will underhandedly donate some of his excess money to the Empire's tax collection groups as a mean of wiping out his opponents and gaining himself more jobs.
  3. Lando Calrissian will take the Millennium Falcon back to Socorro and try to gamble for improvements to the ship.
  4. Han Solo takes a job which requires him to sneak onto a trade ship of the Emperor and retrieve materials for Jabba The Hutt
  5. Talon Karrde will attempt to take jobs obtaining information for both the Empire and The Rebellion.
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1. Senator Mon Mothma begins a secretive crusade on the capital world of Coruscant, hoping to find allies within the capital and other friendly senators, particularly those from the Outer Rim and the more Alliance-friendly planets.

2. Senator Bail Organa will prepare some missives to be sent to formerly Separatist-friendly planets where the rebels could find some unlikely pairings. He specifically sights out the world of Onderon and Raxus.

3. Mon Mothma will activate her friends back on Chandrila to funnel some money towards a potential rebellion on Kashyyyk. 

4. Organa will take a trip to the lower levels of Coruscant to look for potential volunteers for a personal guard of his own devising.

5. Mothma will make a speech in the Imperial Senate memorializing her friend, Padme Amidala's death, and the death of her friend's greatest legacy: democracy.

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On 12/29/2021 at 9:38 PM, Sean F Kennedy said:

1. Ashoka Tano will search out Jedi Masters Obi Wan Kenobi and Grand Master Yoda hoping to unite non dark side force users.

2. Gial Ackbar will recruit citizens across the galaxy to join the Rebellion.

3. Leaders of the Rebellion will meet with Bail Organa hoping to build a coalition.

rest of events will go to @The Blood



1. Saw Gerrera will quickly look to convert the former anti-Separatist guerrilla fighters on Onderon into an anti-Imperial fighting force, rallying his former comrades and officially establishing the Partisans as an insurgent force on the planet. Devastating bombings and hit-and-run attacks will be launched to establish the insurgency, with a goal being placed on destroying all transportation, supply, energy, and administrative infrastructure which can be used by Imperial forces on the planet. Even in cases where short-term harm is done to the civilian population with the destruction/attack of targeted facilities, Gerrera will order the assault to continue, with the end goal of creating a long-term quagmire for the Empire on Onderon.


2. Looking to expand Partisan capacity outside of Onderon, a small detachment of Onderon Partisans will travel to Kashyyyk, hoping to train and support anti-Imperial actions on the planet.

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Old Ben Kenobi: 11

The four Hutt thugs fanned out around the bearded man, slowly drawing knives or clubs. He was lucky they were so low level. They rushed at him though Kenobi reacted quickly, hurling the thug in his hold at his nearest attacker. 

The second after he did this the second thug swung a knife at his side. Bringing his arms to slam into the thugs wrist with a heavy impact loosening his grip, Kenobi then slid his hand along the thugs arm, prying the knife from his hand. He did this in time to react the the third thug, deftly dodging his club and plunging the knife into his shoulder. The fourth thug lunged at him and was met with a fist to the cheek. 

Kenobi stood over the thugs as they recovered and made their way out of the store. But he had let his guard down. The first thug, who had been knocked down by the impact of his broken armed comrade, took a second shot at Kenobi from the side. The bearded man moved his head from the club's path but was unable to stop its collision with his knee. 

The crack resounded throughout the store as the thugs fled. On the brighter side Kenobi didn't have to worry about whether or not Republic Credits would be accepted.

The Search For Rebels: 4

This was a difficult issue for the Empire. Right now was the easiest opportunity to strike at potential Rebel Scum. As of now the Empire's birth is fresh, the rebels have not yet had the opportunity to organize, to build relationships, to secure supply lines and safe methods of communication. A decisive strike now would scatter them to the winds, end any hopes of organized resistance for decades to come.

Yet, things didn't go that simply.

The Empire had identified areas across key planets were potential rebels were likely to dwell. They were hit with swift raids, but nothing was found. After that less integral planets were surveyed for any signs of activity, but the Empire couldn't pick anything up. 

The Rebels had already made their way underground, they had already escaped from Imperial reach. And, perhaps they had achieved the worse case scenario. Perhaps they had already organized.

Recruiting the Munn: 19

It's the Economy Dummy. 

The Galactic Empire is many things. A dictatorship, a regime carrying out brutal persecution of non-humans, an Imperialist mindset set on expansion and crushing any and all opposition. 

It is also an economic powerhouse. 

The Munn pride themselves on economic management and stability. Shifting to the cause of the Empire is something that would be considered and readily accepted. The Munn will work to manage the Imperial Economy.

The Arrest of Han Solo: 3

Four TIE Fighters deployed as Imperial scanners picked up the Millenium Falcon. The Falcon picked them up too. Han Solo tapped a few keys on the control pad. "Ready Chewey, engage the blasters!"

"Raaawwwwrrr" The Wookie responsed.

"What do you mean they're offline!?" Solo yelled back to the hairy alien. "Guess we'll have to do this another way..." He grunted. "Chewey! Empty the junk we've got stored in the back!"

The back of the Falcon opened up and heaps of scrap metal emptied from the hatch and fell into the path of the TIE fighters. Three of them managed to quickly pull to the sides avoiding the junk however the last fighter failed to pull away in time and had it's hull battered to pieces by the scrap metal.

The Falcon then steered into an asteroid field. The TIE fighters pursued. One of them being immediately wiped out by an asteroid. The pursuit carried on deeper into the field. The Falcon began spinning to avoid the more dense clusters that tore apart another of the fighters. 

"One left Chewey!" Solo yelled turning to see his Wookie companion donning a helmet that seemed slightly too small. 

"Awwraaarr" The Wookie replied, picking up his Bowcaster and heading to the back of the ship. 

The Cargo hold opened up, unveiling a Wookie clinging to the ship. The final TIE fighter readied it's blasters, an internal shot could end this ship. Before the pilot could react however the Wookie fired, it's shot shattering the fighters front screen, sending it veering off course.

The Emperor's Speech: 12

The Emperor's speech holds well enough. While it doesn't match some of the galaxies greatest oration feats he does not humiliate himself or show any weakness. Instead, the address falls by the wayside as another Law & Order speech, nothing new but nothing damaging.

Caleb Dume: 7

Dume collapsed in the snow. Barely able to feel his hands or face he lay for a moment. There was no feasible path ahead, not really. He could smuggle himself off planet but then what? Move to another planet where he'd be hunted all the same? What was the point?

"There he is!" One of the clones yelled, running towards the immobile Caleb flanked by two others. Dume squeezed his eyes closed and gripped his lightsaber. The clones encroached on him and he activated his weapon. 

Dume swung out, his lightsaber cutting into the side of the rightmost clone. The remaining two took a step back and readied their own weapons. Dume, still crying took to his feet. A clone fired. Dume deflected it. He stepped forward and the actions were repeated. he continued to press on until he reached the clones, he cut down one and the last remaining clone fled. He couldn't let it get away. Picking up the fallen soilder's blaster Dume took careful aim and fired, ending the final of his hunters before collapsing back into the snow.

The Marek Family Values: 14

Four clone scouts traversed the difficult terrain of Kashyyk, holding their usual batons in one hand they held collars in the other. Wookies were strong and intelligent, effective labour if you could harness them. 

And an electric shock to the neck was as close to harnessing them as you could get. 

"Oooooawwwrr..." Came a cry from the bushes, alerting the scouts.

One of them approached the bush, tentatively pulled away some of the foliage, revealing an injured Wookie. The three clones looked to each other, conferring without words, the clone gestured to the Wookie and his two compatriots shook their heads. 

The scout turned around, activating and raising his baton he heard two thuds. Turning around he saw his companions lying dead on the floor, flanking a standing Jedi. The clone spoke. "What the-" They turned out to be his last words.

Raging Rahm: 19

Rahm's men didn't stray. Not one. Over the weeks he and his men worked. Small raids, foraging missions across the planet and information from the comms that they had tapped into allowed them to build a modern enough and functioning base. Rahm's men had made sure that the base was well disguised as they built up their numbers and plans.

Soon enough however, a transmission reached them. Anticipation filled the base, the transmission had been directed to Rahm. Through a secure line, one that only people he trusted could reach him through. The message was from Senator Bail Organa, it was three words - Execute Order 67

Record Keeping: 8

The Jedi Temple was under heavy guard, but Nu had managed to enter, sneaking passed the clones by the skin of her teeth. She reached the library, an area she knew like the back of her hand. It was a bittersweet feeling, the place she was so used to now being hostile territory.

Nu quickly collected the necessary information she sought but in engrossing herself in traversing the library she failed to hear the sound of the arriving troops. Nu made her way to sneak back out of the temple but found herself surrounded by clones. A tear rolled down the cheek of the librarian as she dropped the texts she had recovered, using the force to push the troops away and make her escape.

Jabba's Party: 10

Jabba's soiree fails to amass much of an attendance. Outside of the usual crowd of attendees the turnout for the event is low. Many seem reluctant to leave their homes at the moment. The only information Jabba seems to have garnered is that the new Galatic Empire has people shaken, even on the outer rim there is a climate of fear. Many feel the Empire could strike anywhere at anytime and seem to bear that fear in their every action, even the planets that were least affected by the Republic have a sense of apprehension about the Galactic Empire.

Purchasing Arms: 3

The usual contacts Jabba reaches out to seem to have evaporated. The Imperial crackdown on the illegal weapon trade seems to have been effective with traders arrested, killed or driven into hiding. Those who remain are hard to contact, Jabba will be able to find them but it will take some time.

Black Sun: 10

Jabba already has a few contacts and standing orders with the Black Sun. He could easily pursue further deals and and arrangements but at the moment the Black Sun have told him that at the moment they are satisfied with the current arrangements they have.

Slave Trade: 3

It's safe to say Jabba and his people are outraged! The Empire have cracked down on the slave trade, ending multiple routes and taking in multiple of Jabba's usual contacts and and taking down many of the companies he usual goes through. Jabba who ordered 1000 new slaves was only able to acquire 950.

Dryden Vos Recruiting on 1313 and Meeting Black Market Dealers: 2&1

Vos arrived on 1313 by the skin of his teeth. Coruscant was nearly impossible to access and if Vos hadn't been headed for the infamous Level 1313 he'd have been caught or worse without a doubt.

The blonde man and his guards made their way through 1313 to meet with a collective of black market dealers, Vos had some of his men split off beforehand to sure up recruits. The Imperial crackdown on crime could come to their benefit, the loss of opposition could give them a monopoly on crime and could even draw skilled men from other failed organizations to their own.

Vos and his men arrived at the meeting point, his men advanced forward and hauled open the warehouse doors. Vos' smirk was immediately wiped from his face when instead of being met with his black market contacts he came face to face with a detachment of Imperial Stormtroopers.

Qi'ra and the Hutt: 5

Jabba has the same aspirations as the Crimson Dawn, to ascend to the top of the underworld in the wake of the Imperial crackdown. That combined with the famous abrasiveness of Jabba the Hutt leads to a very rough meeting and no love lost. The Crimson Dawn and Jabba the Hutt seem fated to be at odds with each other. For now at least.

Maul: 7

The Slavers pay little attention to Maul. The Zabrak tries his hardest to convince his allies of the danger of the Empire's attitude towards the slave trade but is all but ignored. The slavers pay lip service to Maul's warnings but at the same time they aren't worried. The Republic had been pursuing them for it's entire existence and they outlived it. A new regime promising a crackdown was no surprise but ultimately neither side cared. They didn't need to worry.

Or so they thought.

Tarful: 15

Tarful is a strict anti Imperial fighter. But there are multiple ways to oppose the Empire, and disrupting supply lines and damaging their oh so low crime rates is another way. Tarful joins the Millenium Falcon crew, one less Wookie fighting on Kashyyk won't do much damage, an extra Wookie zipping across the galaxy and hitting in key places might just.

Donations: 16

A donation here and there doesn't go amiss. The Empire may position itself as a tough on crime public safety regime but on certain levels they're as corrupt as anyone. Solo gets a free pass here and there, the hunters of his rivals get a shiny new blaster.

Lando: 15

The Millennium Falcon landed in Socorro. Han Solo, Chewbacca and Tarful exited. "Picked up another one eh?" Lando Calryssian greeted as he strode onto the platform. "How's the old girl going Han?" He asked his friend.

Solo responded. "Not too bad, reliable as ever, could use a tune up or so though."

"I'll see what I can do." Lando answers.

"Thanks buddy," Solo replied heading off. "Make sure to get those blasters working!"

Talon Karrde: 20

Talon Karrde knows how to play the game so well he may as well have invented it. Karrde is hired as a "Factfinder" for the Empire while at the same time being made a consultant for the Rebellion. Talon has the info he needs, now it's just up to him on how to use it.

Senate Recruitment: 18

Mon Mothma is a longstanding figure in the Galactic Senate, and while this may work as a bane when it comes to dealing with the new leadership of the former Republic it very much works as a boon when it comes to seeking out allies in resistance to the Empire.

Her first ally is one who not long ago would have been an enemy. Lux Bonteri, a former Seperatist. A bittersweet humour, they were right all along. 

Her second Nadea Tural. This young Senator offers a special connection for Mothma, an invitation to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Bail's Search For Allies: 1

The former loyalist committee senator is most unwelcome on Separatist planets. And is quickly chased from the outer rim. He should count himself lucky that the vindictive outer rim do not report his activities. 

Aid to Kashyyk: 1

The attempt fails miserably. Kashyyk is dominated by the Empire, and it's resistance lacks technology outside of the combat area. Any non material support would be unable to reach them. At that, the attempt to transfer funds has been caught by Imperial monitors, putting yet another mark next to Mothma's name.

Visiting the Lower levels: 3

Bail Organa took efforts to disguise his more affluent features as he visited the lower levels of the capital planet. Traversing the area the Senator's eyes were opened to the misery and poverty that ran rampant throughout. Silently, he vowed to do something about this when the war ended. 

Suddenly, the sounds of a firefight overtook his ear. Eager to investigate the senator headed to the source of the sound. Arriving at a warehouse he saw Imperial Stormtroopers detaining a blonde man surrounded by dead henchmen. Bail went to move but was called out by one of the Stormtroopers. "Hold it!" The modulated voice called.  

The senator raised his hands as he stopped moving. One of the troops approached and pulled back his hood. "Senator? What are you doing here?"

Memorial of Padme Amidala: 2

The speech received a resounding silence in the senate. Mothma scanned the faces of her colleagues, many nodded upon catching her sight, too afraid to clap. Lux Boneteri and Nadea Tural's faces filled with determination at the end of the thunderous speech. 

A most peculiar sight was that of the Emperor's 2nd in command, Vader, who was overseeing the senate meeting. The unreadable cyborg's head seemed to lower as the speech ended.

Mothma made her way out of the senate as the session ceased, only to be halted by senate guards. Vader stood behind them, silent as Mothma was ordered to come with them. As she walked she noticed two more guards holding Senator Organa.

The Search for Light Side Users: 1

Tano uses all known methods of contact, including secure lines she learned as part of the Jedi Order. However, it was to no avail. Obi Wan seems to have taken specific steps to ensure that he is unreachable, meanwhile no one knows where Mater Yoda is. Many assume that he was slain in the initial shock of Order 66. The attempt to find other Jedi falls flat.

Ackbar Recruitment: 19

Gial Ackbar is a respected military figure. His joining of the Rebellion sends waves throughout the Galaxy. As soon as Ackbar sets out to recruit for the Rebellion the Rebellion gains recruits in vast numbers.

Bail Organa: 18

Bail Organa proves to be a reliable contact for the Rebellion. Alderan will always be a safe haven, given that the Rebels also do their part in disguising themselves. Though the Senator is in a spot of Trouble at the moment.

Saw on Onderon: 14

Saw's plan is a success. He and his Partisans are able carry about quick raids on Imperial supply lines as well as landing pads, impeding their reinforcement and supply delivery capabilities. 

Intercepted comms show that the attacks are having the desired effects with increasing troop numbers being directed to Onderon as well as additional high tech weaponry and command equipments.

Partisan's on Kashyyk: 11

The Partisan's manage to get to Kashyyk safely and engage in their work. However, with Kashyyk already having a functioning and effective rebellion means that the Partisan's have a tough job finding recruits.

The Invasion of Tatooine: 

The Empire: 14

The Hutts: 11

Sand People: 16

The Imperial Invasion of Tatooine has a tough start but the Empire are in the superior position.

Jabba's people hold the homefield advantage but suffer from weakened supply lines and low grade weaponry due to the Imperial crackdown on crime. Regardless, they control the underground, giving them a hold across the planet, even within areas held by the Empire.

The Empire were prepared for the invasion, having updated their weaponry and armour for the planets climate and weather. The Empire were able to quickly seize and lockdown a large number of towns giving them a foothold on the planet to bring in further supplies and reinforcements. 

The Empire have been able to make progress within the invasion of Tatooine's civilized areas when it comes to actually moving through the landscape to build outposts and gain geopolitical power they haven't been able to find a way past the Sand People of Tatooine. The Sand People have a mastery of the terrain that none of the other forces have. The sand people, unlike the Empire, are aided by the desert rather than hindered, thus allowing them to move stealthily and hit hard at the Imperial progression.

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