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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! 2022 GANG


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Happy New Year! (Though not yet -- I'm on the West Coast right now, still have 45 minutes to go. Haha).  

I went for a walk with my daughter today and both my knees and hips have been aching for hours ever since.  I'm only 38, I shouldn't be dealing with this shit yet.  So, though it's cliche, I'll be working on my physical fitness this year.  

Looking forward to everything 2022 brings -- especially a fully computerized version of A More Perfect Union!

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12 hours ago, Pringles said:

My fellow Americans, and everybody else. 😛 (Yes even those who aren't in 2022 yet. *cough* West Coast and Central cringe Timezones.)

Happy New Year. 

America's small businesses haven't been this pumped up since the 'roaring  Reagan economy' | Business Insider India

Rest In Peace Betty White. I'm saddened she isn't with us, but I'm thankful for her wonderful life, service, and I'm glad she went in peace. 


Cheers to a better new year, maybe a little less COVID, a little less partisanship, a little more productiveness, and a little more kindness. I know everybody's probably planning their "New Years Resolution" or some bullshit, yeah, I'm frank, I think it's kinda cringe, but I do believe in always trying to be a little better, and making a little more effort every single day you wake up and make your bed! 😛 

For real friends, Happy New Years, thank you all for being you, and God Bless. 




Did Reagan actually say this

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38 minutes ago, Patine said:

No, of course he didn't. @Pringles just inexplicably decided to post an image of a politician who represents a darker past to be moved away from rather than a brighter future to achieve.

Why do you have to politicize a thumbs up for a Happy New Year?

Get a life.

It's a nice picture. 

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