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Certainly interesting, but not statistically much different than the level of support indicated in that same poll when it hit 60% in Oct of 2013 and has hovered around there since then.  Now it's at 62%.  

I'm more interested in the big falls and leaps -- why did it collapse to 33% shortly before Obama was elected?  Why did it jump from 46 to 60 at the start of Obama's second term?

Don't know, but those big swings are more interesting to me than a 2% increase being a "ALL TIME HIGH!"

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Americans have had an itching for a third party candidate to rise up for a while now, it’s just that no one wants to put in the work for to make one rise up because, statistically, they won’t. As long as the spoiler effect, first past the post, and media bias against third parties exist, it unfortunately won’t happen.


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