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The 2016 Election in Universe C-917


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And, after a squeaker of an election we can confirm that Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.


Year One
Economy: 291/300
Foreign Policy/Standing: 71/100
Society: 8/100
Popularity: 31/100
Summary: Romney has managed to steward the economy very well and hold America's reputation abroad. However, social unrest is rife throughout the nation leaving Romney fairly unpopular

Year Two
Economy: 58/300
Foreign Policy/Standing: 95/100
Society: 92/100
Popularity: 70/100
Summary: The Economy plummeted during Romney's second year, though his handling of America's overseas commitments went flawlessly. The social unrest of the US quickly saw recovery which aided the popularity of the President.

Midterms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      142/400
Though Romney's popularity and society rebounded in the second year the failing economy of that year and the memories of the issues of his first year led to a blue wave in the 2014 midterms 

Year Three
Economy: 166/300
Foreign Policy/Standing: 78
Society: 24
Popularity: 35
Summary: In 2015 the US economy managed to rebound but is far from the shining condition it was when Romney took power in 2013, though it is still considered good. While he didn't recreate the magic of 2014 Romney still handled America's foreign commitments stellarly and the nation is of high standing on the national stage. Sadly, the strife of 2013 returned as did the lag in popularity.

Year Four
Economy: 169/300
Foreign Policy/Standing: 96/100
Society: 18/100
Popularity: 100
Summary: In 2016 the economy held steady under Romney's leadership. The magic of 2014 returned with Romney performing excellently internationally but sadly the strife plaguing the US only got worse. Surprisingly however, Romney is extremely personally popular going into the election.


And now, the 2016 election approaches as President Romney sits in a strong but surmountable position.

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The current social crisis in America shows that there needs to be radical, and substantive change to not just our political establishment, but also to our spiritual establishment. Now is the time for real change that will benefit the common man, economically, politically, and spiritually. Now is the time to live less with fear, and more with faith. Now is the time, for Marianne Williamson.


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Al Gore announces bid for President after 2000 loss

”Ladies and gentlemen in half of our elections since the turn of the century we’ve seen two Presidents who have lost the popular vote go on to become President. We as Democrats cannot retreat to big industrial states like California and New York. We need to make moves in states like Tennessee, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio and yes… Florida. Today I’m officially announcing my desire to serve as your next President, a President who wants to continue the expansion of Healthcare that we got under Barack Obama, a President who finds it unacceptable that teachers and administrators have to buy their own supplies for their lesson plan and have to take out second jobs, a President who takes our Climate Emergency very seriously. I’m Al Gore and I’m ready to take the fight directly to the GOP!”

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Donald J. Trump Announces his Candidacy for President As a Democrat.

"My fellow Americans. I am officially running, for President of the United States... and WE ARE GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

"The Democrat's loss in 2012 proves that the soul of this party has drifted from serving the working men and women, to the big shots in Wall Street, I dealt with these people throughout my entire career... I know how much of an asshole these people really are. They're exploiting their workers. They're taking your freedoms. But in a Trump Presidency we're going to put an end to it. We're going to end the useless war. We're going to raise the minimum wage, we'll negotiate a better deal on NAFTA, and we'll make sure President Mitt Romney and his warmongering Republicans can't do shit about it!

Thank you all, and let's Make America Great Again!"

Donald Trump to speak in Cullman County as Alabama Republican Party meets

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Phoenix, Arizona - Congresswoman Kyrsten Simena

"My fellow Americans, the Republicans and President Romney have failed us. Their reactionary social policies have caused riots in the streets, racial and sexual division, and the loss of the American Dream. We as Americans are supposed to be free! Free from the tyranny of the government telling us who we can or cannot love, what we can or cannot do, or what we can or cannot identity as. I am officially announcing my run for President of the United States with the Democratic Party. And to display my full commitment to Americans' freedoms...."

Simena quickly strips, removing every article of clothing but a belt and her heeled boots. She tosses them into the crowd.

"I am campaigning fully nude in solidarity with the naked spirit of American freedom! I will also govern nude, while I am currently Congresswoman of Arizona and when I become President of the United States!"

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