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The Year 2040, According to EU4


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I've had EU4 running in the background while working on AMPU. I paused it at 2040. The started from a 2022 scenario that begins with the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Here's how the world changes:

In 2040 -- 

  • Greenland is known as Danish Canada
  • Mexico is in a three-way Civil War between the government, peasants, and patricians (antiquated terms, I know). 
  • Central America has had some boundary changes, which means some sort of war took place. A small country named Itza exists. 
  • Chile is at war with Argentina. 
  • Zulu is a new nation that has broken off of South Africa
  • Mauritian Separatists are destabilizing Mali, which seems to have absorbed their nation at some point. 
  • Libya has taken Chad, but Libya has also lost territory as Ghat becomes an independent nation. 
  • Russia gained on province in the Ukraine during the war, but now Russia is in a three-way Civil War between the government, Cossacks, and peasants (again, antiquated terms.)
  • Kurdistan gained independence within Turkey
  • Kurdistan has occupied the Kurdish region in Iran. 
  • Saudi Arabia has taken 80% of Yemen. 
  • Mahra is a new nation that has broken out of part of the remainder of Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia occupies have of Iraq, but it is dealing within insurgency.
  • Saudi Arabia is dealing with a Civil War involving Shia zealots.
  • Syria has taken about 75% of Israel, leaving the West Bank to a new Palestinian nation. Israel exists only in the very south of it's 2022 borders in one province. 
  • Syria has taken 80% of Jordan, leaving the latter country with one province. 
  • Uzbekistan has been invaded by Bhutan and Kyrgyzstan 
  • Iran is facing a civil war with Sunni zealots
  • Afghanistan no longer exists and was replaced by a nation named Annazids
  • India has captured most of Tibet, leaving the west part independent as the nation of Tibet. China is at war with India to regain Tibet.
  • China is occupying part of Kyrgyzstan.
  • The southern part of Vietnam has declared independence as Annan. 
  • Four new nations have broken out within China--all only one province in size and could be easily retaken. 
  • Indonesia has taken Malaysia and most of the islands in its region.
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6 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Are they fully independent now or did Denmark just rename Greenland?

I don't know. I wasn't watching the game. I just saw that it was almost 2040 and then I paused it at Jan 1 2040. 

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