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12 minutes ago, Patine said:

What really surprises me is public education has this much disparity in the U.S., where it's predominantly a FEDERAL jurisdiction, whereas in Canada, where it's strictly a Provincial jurisdiction (with some Federal lowest bar standards, across-the-nation programs, and First Nations/Inuit programs) doesn't vary as much (though it does vary, noticeably, I admit). Something must be up, there.

It’s not that simple. Here’s an example “Schools are funded with a combination of federal, state, and local government funds. In Pennsylvania, the federal share of education funding is approximately 11%; the state pays for nearly 36% and the balance of 53%, comes from local taxes, typically from property taxes.”

States also select the textbooks and much about how the school is run and such. For instance, controlling what can and can’t be taught in many instances. 

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Was this taken with race in mind? I remember seeing somewhere that Minnesota always scores very high because of the high white population, and states like Texas were "drug down" because of their high Latino populations, but put side-by-side, white kids in Texas scored higher than white kids in Minnesota, and minority kids scored higher in Texas than minorities in Minnesota, but because Texas has a much higher minority population than Minnesota (and minorities score lower on average), Minnesota would have higher average test scores despite Texas having higher test scores in every single sub-population. It's called the Simpson's Paradox.

Simpson's paradox - Wikipedia 

I might have the states mixed up or even be completely wrong, but I remember hearing something like this somewhere.

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