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Wholesome George Wallace TNO Playthrough


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The New Order: Last Days of Europe (TNO) is one of the best mods for a game I've ever played. It takes place in the grim alternate-history of a total Nazi-victory in Europe, and playing as America or one of the other last remaining free countries and attempting to undermine them at every step (or play as Japan/Germany and try to consolidate, but I can never play as them).

In the 1964 election, George Wallace narrowly squeaked by Lyndon Johnson to win the Presidency. I'd never done a Wallace playthrough before, but now it has become my favorite Presidency. If you ignore all of his segregationist focuses, and instead focus on foreign policy, trade, states' rights and economics, you get a fiercely populist president. I successfully passed a trade deal with Australia, New Zealand, and India to strangle the Japanese out of economic superiority in the Pacific, got Hawaii back peacefully from the Japanese via oil concessions, I worked with Bobby Kennedy to pass social security, and Lyndon Johnson to pass Medicare, both without the support of my own party who wanted restriction clauses for African-Americans. I passed education bills redirecting funding from federal to state schools and mandating prayer and a patriotic curriculum in schools as a bone for my party to keep them from flocking to one of the two extremist groups in the game. Also due to his tough-on-Germany and tough-on-Japan stances, I won more proxy wars than I usually do in my playthroughs, losing only a single one in Iraq, and having a draw in Malaya (which is technically a victory).

Overall it was a wholesome playthrough, and George is now my favorite playthrough. It was very interesting watching most of the riots and protests be from blacks and activists at the beginning of the game, to watching the segregationists and far-right supporters who initially supported Wallace to distrusting him. I won't spoil anything about the game, but the circumstances of the 1964 election are among the most discontented and disunited in American history, which allows a candidate like Wallace to even be elected.

Uniting a disunited country as one of the most divisive characters in American politics was one of the funnest experiences I've had in gaming in a long time. Also, here's my favorite event from wholesome George playthrough, near the end of his Presidency, after putting down a far-right protest:  


From his inauguration: 


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