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I've made the Hispanic names generator. I'm going to add a bunch of non-Hispanic surnames because a lot of hispanic people have fathers or paternal grandfathers that weren't Hispanic. I've already added a bunch of non-Spanish spellings of names and added common American given names. 

As you can see below, the generator is doing pretty well with these, I think. 


Luis Ortiz Valeria Perez
Martin Azuela Martha Salazar
Benito Pena Maria Medina
Joseph Alvarez Lucia Valenzuela
Matt Ponce Ximena Padre
Gael Flores Celeste Rodriguez
Teddy Altuve Selena de Santa Ana
Santiago Castenada Sonia Castenada
Ian Castillo Roxana Fernandez
Mario Pizarro Regina Lobo
Johnny Solis Laia Cruz
Jeronimo Calderon Roxana Gomez
Joe Romero Sofia Diaz
Jimmy Portolo Celeste Gonzalez
Jeronimo Flores Martina Estrada
Geronimo Martinez Barbara Navidad
Matias Medina Camila Ortiz
Roberto Reyes Catalina Medina
Victor del Toro Carmen Paz
Ben Rey Eva Orozco
Jorge Domingo Camila Perez
Emil Martinez Catalina Urruti
Ciro Kahlo Lucia Lopez
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