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AMPU Slavic Name Generator

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For states with large Slavic communities. Obviously, some of the names mean there was some Slavic cross-breeding 

Jacob Spektor Barbara Lenin
Vincent Dvorak Katarina Loukoshkov
Casimir Volkoff Mariya Pavlov
Mike Tolstoy Tatiana Medvedev
Lech Brin Anastasia Rand
Nick Medvedev Yana Haliczer
Vincent Haliczer Oksana Zagajewski
Pavlo Wisniewski Joan Walesa
Adam Kucinich Olga Shevchenko
Taras Gronkowski Marina Wisniewski
Albert Stalin Karolina Curie
Vaclav Medvedev Anna Brin
Alex Poniatowski Baba Yaga Kolar
Frank Novak Yuliya Kowal
Stanislaw Wisniewski Victoria Shevchenko
Mishu Vrba Agnes Zhukov
Rob Morozov Yuliya Tesla
Georgi Sobieski Natalia Morozov
Frank Ulam Yelena Warhol
Tractor Novak Mary Pobrislo
Tony Stalin Valentina Shapovalov
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