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AMPU Portuguese Name Generator

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This is mainly for Brazil, should that area be annexed. 


Joao Ferreira Jada Lopes
Anthony Oporto Dulce Salvador
Bernardo Rego Sara
de Albuquerque
Luis Silva Ana
de Albuquerque
Charles Lula Adriana Motta
Henrique Dias Linda Mello
Bart Mendonca Paula Figueiredo
Stephano Gouveia Marie Carneiro
Richard Mello Daniela Mello
Rick Xavier Sophia Barbosa
Jorge Goncalves Katherine Mendes
Antonio Bundchen Dulce Pinto
Goncalo Moniz Jada Simoes
Peter Machado Alexandrina Salvador
Kurt Lopes Nelly Ferreira
Carlos Silva Adriana Tavares
Stephano Borba Cheryl Sousa
Timothy de Albuquerque Poppy Doria
Frank Avila Krista de Graca
George Camoes Daniela Borges
John Reyna Sofia Branco
Tony Santos Julianna Silva
Richard Mendonca Lyndsy Borba
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