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Greatest Massachusetts US Senator poll


Greatest Massachusetts US Senator poll  

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  1. 1. Greatest Massachusetts US Senators poll (feel free to pick as many as you want). I included all those that served lengthy terms and impactful people with shorter terms.

    • Caleb Strong
    • John Quincy Adams
    • Timothy Pickering
    • Harrison Gray Otis
    • Daniel Webster
    • Rufus Choate
    • John Davis
    • Charles Sumner
    • Henry Wilson
    • Henry L Dawes
    • George Frisbie Hoar
    • Henry Cabot Lodge Sr
    • David I Walsh
    • Henry Cabot Lodge Jr
    • Leverett Saltonstall
    • John F Kennedy
    • Edward Brooke
    • Ted Kennedy
    • Paul Tsongas
    • John Kerry
    • Elizabeth Warren
    • Ed Markey

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39 minutes ago, Patine said:

Who are Rufus Choate and John Davis (I assume the latter is not the cartoonist who made, "Garfield")?

Haha. Forgot his name was John Davis. Senator John Davis was a conservative Whig. He opposed slavery, but didn't like abolitionists. The textile industry in New England needed cotton produced by slaves in the South, so he was pro-business over Civil Rights, as was Webster (in most cases), but Webster was more vocal in his disgust with slavery.

Rufus Choate was also a relatively conservative-to-moderate Whig for a New Englander. Choate didn't talk much about slavery one way or the other. He opposed radicalism, whether Southern or Northern. Very pro-Union, so much so that he voted for Democrat Buchanan over Republican Fremont, mainly because he thought Fremont would lead to the collapse of the country. 

Davis and Choate were generally overshadowed by Webster and Sumner, respectively, who were the big orators. 

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