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AMPU Hypothetic EC Values


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Here's the top 10 largest Electoral College states if the US controlled the entire Western Hemisphere + the Philippines and Liberia. 

2024 Election: 

  1. Pernambuco 81 EVs (region of Brazil)
  2. Sao Paulo 55 EVs (region of Brazil)
  3. Rio 55 EVs (region of Brazil)
  4. California 54 EVs 
  5. Latin Columbia 54 EVs (part of the historic country of Columbia)
  6. Luzon 45 EVs (part of a major island of the Philippines
  7. Quezon 45 EVs (part of the same major island of Luzon, but encompassing the population center primarily)
  8. Texas 41 EVs
  9. Parana 40 EVs (region of Brazil)
  10. Argentina 40 EVs (Really just the northern half of Argentina). 

2024 forecast: In short, South America would, primarily Brazil, would dominate a Western Hemisphere Empire on population. In the event of major expansion, players will be vying for crazy for dominance in Brazil. Pernambuco will be what the state of NY was from 1820-1980--the key to the presidency.

The 2096 Election would have the exact same top 10, but Pernambuco falls to 70 EVs. Sao Paulo and Rio fall to 48. All the others but the Philippines places fall slightly in EVs.




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