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Confederate Constitutional Convention


CSA Constitutional Convention  

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  1. 1. What Should the Legislative Branch of the CSA be?

    • Bicameral elected legislature. Lower House determined by population, Upper House has equal representation.
    • Bicameral elected legislature with both houses proportional to population
  2. 2. What Should the Executive Branch of the CSA be?

    • President, and VP elected separately to one six year term using an electoral college
    • President selected by congress, with no Vice President
    • President, and VP elected on tickets to one six year term using an electoral college
    • Presidium where every state elects a President to an executive council for one six year term. The states would be allowed to choose how to elect their respective President.
  3. 3. Who should have the right to vote?

    • All white property owning men over 21
    • All white property owning peoples over 21
    • All white men over 21
    • All white men over 21, and all white women who own property over the age of 35
    • All white men over 21, and civilized Indian men who own property, and are over the age of 30
  4. 4. Should we ban political parties?

    • Yes, partisanship inherently weakens a country
    • Parties, or party like structures, will naturally arise in a republic, so why ban them?
  5. 5. Where should the capital be located?

    • Richmond, VA
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Charlestown, SC
    • Augusta, GGA
    • Raleigh, NC

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After the abolition of slavery Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland have succeeded from the Union, and called a constitutional convention in Baltimore. Certain aspects of the constitution, like protections for slavery, are non negotiable, but others, like voting rights, are still open to debate. please assume that for all governmental aspects not included in the poll, that the CSA decided to copy the Articles of Confederation while amending it somewhat to fit with the results of this poll.

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