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United Nations Poll


United Nations Poll  

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  1. 1. Do you have a favorable view of the UN?

  2. 2. Should the UN be abolished?

  3. 3. Should the US leave the UN?

  4. 4. Should the UN have more power over international affairs than it currently has?

  5. 5. Should the UN ultimatley become the one-world government?

  6. 6. Currently, only 5 nations have veto power in the UN (China, France, UK, USA, and Russia). Which is closer to your reaction to this?

    • This is fine.
    • China and/or Russia should lose their veto power.
    • Only the USA should have veto power.
    • No nation should have veto power.
    • More nations should have veto power.
    • All nations should have veto power.
    • The nations with veto power should probably change when a new General-Secretary is elected, either via election or random draw.
    • Other
  7. 7. Which, in general, is more preferable than the other?

  8. 8. If all borders were erased, there was a one-world currency and one-world government, and you were free to move and live anywhere and have the same benefits, would you move?

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For #8, assuming this is sometime in the future and I'm somehow the same age I am now:

I'd probably move to London, Berlin, Paris, and would even consider Jerusalem, Alexandria, Athens, etc. I imagine mass migration world-wide would have just about any town of 100,000 as multi-cultural. Businesses would have more branches all across the world. Each former nation would have a residual cultural identity, but I'd imagine even these smaller cities would more resemble London and NYC in that each will be a bouquet of ethnic and cultural identities. 

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Re Questions 1-5: I support the UN as it currently stands, and believe that the US should take a more active role in it. However, I believe the organization needs siginifgant reform, as right now it is far too lax when it comes dealing with human rights abuses. Just look at the Tutsi genocide. UNAMIR knew that the Hutu hardliners planned to genocide the Tutsi, and they knew the locations of the hardliners' weapons caches, but they couldn't do anything about because of 'political concerns'. I believe that the United Nations should take an active role in the international fight for democracy, virtue, and human rights, and part of that means kicking out human rights abusing countries like Russia, China, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. Basically, I think the UN should stop being a organization dedicated to protecting a global unjust peace, and transform itself into an international coalition of the willing, made up of nations dedicated to fighting the good fight.

Question 6: I think every member of the security council should have veto power, including the temporary ones, and of course I support stripping Russia, China, and any other human rights abusing country of this power (see above). As it stands now I would replace Russia, and China on the permanent security council with Israel, and either India or Japan.

Question 7: I wouldn't call myself a globalist, necessarily, but I think a federated pan-human government, think a United States of Terra, is how we should organize ourselves going into the 22nd century, and beyond. I'm a humanocentrist, I'm fine with basically any government type so long as it leads to the betterment of humanity as a whole. I think Plato's Republic is a good starting place for formulating what an ideal government would look like. But that's all a story for another day.

Re Question 8: I'd love to move to Scotland if I'm being honest, especially somewhere in the north of the country. I love the country's folklore, weather, and culture, and its probably where I'll retire to one day regardless.

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I don't particularly like the UN or find it to be well-run but I think abdicating our role in the institution would be silly. The UN beclowns themselves on a regular basis, what with giving a genocidal actor like China veto power or extending membership on the Human Rights Council to Saudi Arabia, and it needs serious reform but if nothing else, our presence in it prevents the kind of power vacuum other geopolitical actors with less than noble intentions would be eager to take advantage of. 

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Echoing ShortKing. I have a net negative view of the organization (but it's too far gone to scrap the whole thing entirely), but I think the organization is better with US presence. That being said I'm not against the idea of an organization of nations, but I think it should be more of an economic union among peaceful nations rather than a world-government or peacekeeping force.

Also: I hate the antichrist.

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