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Why can't Trump lift his arms?


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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

Can anyone explain this 16 second video of Trump? I've noticed he does this a lot when speaking at a podium. It's like weird infant arms or something:  https://x.com/gtconway3d/status/1712301121039983047?s=20



Suit or undershirt might be too tight. At least in my experience when I had to wear an old suit one time that had become a bit too small

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His handlers put magnets in his hands, so it's really hard to lift them off the podium for more than a few seconds.

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1 hour ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

He mocks someone to whom he refers as "she". No idea who he's referring to, but the strange gestures seem to be part of the mockery.

The point is that he moves his arms like this pretty frequently. It's weird. 

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