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Sen. Leahy Announces His Retirement


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After having served in the Senate since 1975, Patrick Leahy is the longest serving current Senator, and the last of the Watergate babies, elected in the wake of Nixon's resignation. When his term expires, Leahy will have served a full 48 years in the US Senate.

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4 hours ago, vcczar said:

I like him a lot. But it’s about time. No one should serve as Senator for that long. Term limits. 


3 hours ago, Patine said:

I'm not so sure term limits are really a significant issue for a member of a legislative seat, as opposed to an executive office, to be honest. It only seems to come up when an old veteran of public service dies in office or retires after a term than seems excessive, as a knee-jerk, geriophobic, subconscious backlash. I believe legislative and electoral reform in the United States has FAR greater priorities it should deal with and abuses and problems to fix than stopping some old codger whose home state really seems to like them from rotting in the Senate. To be frank.

Reminds me of Don Young who seems to be pretty popular in Alaska since they have been voting  him in since 1972...

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