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What social media platform do you view positively/negatively


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Generally, I view Twitter negatively. It seems to be filled with angry users.

I did find Reddit enjoyable, though it does seem to have a lot of tankies.

I don't use Facebook or Instagram.

I rarely visited Pinterest.

I do enjoy Youtube a lot. It has its ups and downs, though.

Wikipedia can be awful. I have become more and more distrustful of Wikipedia. It's probably OK on stuff like Chess, but when it comes to Politics, History, and Religion, it should not be trusted.

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Twitter is my go to. Once you follow who you want it's amazing. Also the quickest way to find news imo.

Reddit is my second go to. Lots of good groups. Can be very informative. Good way to verify news one might find on Twitter.

Facebook's memes are recycled from other places on the internet, disappointing, being from a red state the strong conservative and traditionalistism grinds my gears.

Instagram is really vain and self absorbed. 

Pinterest seems kind of neat.

YouTube is good for videos but I wouldn't consider it a social media site and I really wouldn't consider Wiki one


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Twitter and Tik Tok are pure dogshit imo. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc I never cared for nor use on the regular so I don't really care about them too much. Discord and Youtube have been my go-tos for the past five years and I haven't look back since.

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